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  1. what no April Fools joke again!!!!!! Bad DM

  2. nope

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    2. Devilish34
    3. Pepperkorn


      you're wife just wrote that you were at half mast -- sorry to hear that dude!

    4. Pepperkorn


      Ohhhh you're flag! nevermind!

  3. PK won't return my pm :(

    1. Pepperkorn


      I did!! err... I mean... uhh... I don't do PMs heehee - just PMS.

  4. 5pm eastern or pacifiic ?

  5. Hey what happened to the red Dodge pick'em up

  6. Where is my case of Devils Brew????

    Not that I can drink yet :(

  7. Well if you're going to play with them you had best be getting to work on your wrist shot. Some ones gotta score to win

  8. What position are you playing?

  9. So hows the Ice Hockey coming along?

    Or did something I say scare you away? :)

  10. I've got this damn Thomas the engine song in my head.

    They're two they're four they're six they're eight

    Shunting trucks and hauling freight

    red and green and brown and blue

    they're the really useful crew

  11. Good Dog

    Bad Owner

  12. Please add the S's after all of the Whats that are missing them. :)

  13. What the weather whats the weather what the weather outside is it rainy is it sunny what the weather outside

  14. Where you be Biatch :)

  15. You just won a million dollars!!!!

  16. You have no star power

  17. JL is on you friends list and I'm not !?!?!

  18. Ignore PK and keep up the good work.

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