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  1. I'm pretty happy. This is where they should be.

    The Flyers are what they are, and I thought they'd mentally rough their way past the Devils. This is still a very real possibility... my hope for next game is that the flyers amp it up and the refs call them out everything to make up for their failures from last night. I'd like a little help with the Flyers mental beat down.

    BUT.. that has nothing to do with the Devils. The Devils just need to know they are that good when they play. They have nothing to worry about AS LONG AS THEY PLAY. They have exceeded many expectations -- but they have not even reached their capabilities. I hope they understand this is their starting point.

    Now, they are in the position, and have the capability, to ratchet it up a notch, and then another ... and when they need to, yet another (that'll be the "holy sh!t!" moment). These guys are not playing at maximum potential yet. One game at a time - but see the through line all the way out to June... do not lose sight of your goal here.

    you sound like a mom just not mine

  2. My Kids got Xbox 360 from their god parents for Christmas.. It came with Halo Reach and I have to say the FPS games out now are pretty cool...Reach, Halo 3, Halo Anniversary, and the lego Indiana Jones with the kids.. Also several kinects game everyone plays..

    Tried Black Ops and currently have MW3 sitting just haven't played it yet

    Got a $50 gift certificate for Gamespot...thinking of putting that towards a Kinect. My daughter is still a little young for gaming (only 3 1/2), but I could see her getting into it, especially if "she's the controller". Just have to make sure there's decent games for it first.

    Kinect is neat but my kids hit up the Wii more often... If you got it try Kinect Adventures It is easy fun for kids and adults...

  3. The parties all seem to have Stella Artois lately, its become an acquired taste for me but it is still miles ahead of the Bud/miller lights.

    Thats no big hurdle

  4. It tells me that Obama is more interested in "placating" those who hate the U.S. than acquiescing to the citizens' wishes. The notion that released photos will make terrorists more vengeful is so nonsensical. Basically, Obama carries the ball 90 yards then fumbles at the goal line.

    pretty much this

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