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  1. PK won't return my pm :(

    1. Pepperkorn


      I did!! err... I mean... uhh... I don't do PMs heehee - just PMS.

  2. screaming I got my period I'm not pregnant...
  3. No Way!!!! better muted lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n6STkRUYPw HOT!!!>>>My link
  4. is it an app you down loaded ? or was it already on the phone?
  5. Do you have the insurance??? If so and it bricks just drop it in water and pay the $50 ins
  6. Data plan andeasytether if you want to use is as a gateway for your laptop(9.99 for the full version)
  7. Well that easily covers 80% of the voters... I personally like "Looney Lib" probably bc I know one and will see him this weekend.
  8. 5pm eastern or pacifiic ?

  9. Read a story somewhere that they guy wanting to build it has some issues with the law and tax collector.
  10. Bad dog.....I would assume you set the tone as to who the alphas are? That was one of the first things I did with our dogs.
  11. So hawt with the two fist grip lol Waiting on my 2nd round of tatoea and corn....have had more than my share of cucumbers
  12. ^This OT Has Obama already taken more vacations and gone golfing more than Bush?
  13. No it was a Squishy defend Obama test, but shouldn't he put his hand over his heart for the national anthem ?
  14. I read 1-5 somewhere but since Obama is the topic this fits.
  15. Meh nothing here move along people
  16. I use to have a BB but now I have a Droid. I thought I was moving up
  17. Both sides have drifted so far in the wrong direction it's easy to do.
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