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  1. That was another joke that got passed
  2. How is requiring someone to have automotive liability insurance the same? Maybe employers with 50 or more employees should be required to offer auto ins to their employees. Or better yet have the tax payer pay for it if you can't. This is not a HC reform bill that was passed I usually don't read his posts
  3. It hasn't stopped him before why would it now ? ^This
  4. GO DEVS anyone have the online link to watch?? I'll be out with the boys pushing snow but I can watch the game on my laptop
  5. Devilish34


    I'm guessing we have 20"+ with drifts that are 4'-5' in some spots in my yard The G8's new room mate I doubt it will miss the greenie that use to be next to her.
  6. We're in the 8-14 range I think Snow blower is ready and 30 gallons of gas for the generator.
  7. Sounds like an upgrade over the tampax to me Oh then I'll just stick with my IBM they support porn
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