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  1. In the higherarchy of line names, you have the truely cool names that cleverly describe the line in some way (Czechmates, A-Line, Legion of Doom, FLY line) then the quirky ones that still get the message across (J-Line, Vowel Line, GAG line, Maddenbrunner) then there are the horrific mash ups that could only come from idiots like Stan Fischler. The EGG line belongs to this last group. It's a horrible name, and I think that even the players on the line have said that they don't like it.
  2. Hello all, long time no post. I was hoping you guys might humor me with some instant feedback. If you can, have a look at the nhl.com splash page. Right now (1 AM EST) it's a picture of the oh-so terribly named EGG line. EDIT: Apparently, different users see different splash pages, this is the picture I'm referring to: http://nhl.speedera.net/image-upload/devil...ion_308x194.jpg Looking at the picture, I think I finally hit on a good name: The three Amigos (or Amigos for short) 1. Obviously it refers to Gomez's hispanic heritage 2. It also, I believe, captures some of Gomez's goofy and humorous nature 3. Of course, it also is a good theme for the entire team, with a nice, cohesive connotation I posted this at HFbards too. If you guys like it, I'll start to promote it. If not, we'll have to keep using that godawful "EGG"
  3. Voros had a decent showing, he's actually a pretty good skater and I was surprised at how fast he was. He had some nice battles and nifty moves along the boards. No nice offensive plays, but that was the case for most of the players, and I think it had more to do with lack of line chemistry than anything else.
  4. Game was decent, but there was no chemistry between the linemates, so there weren't any really organized attacks. I was literally sitting 15 feet from Patrik Elias, who was wearing a Pimp-O-Licious coat. The girls swarmed around him between periods. Lou was sitting right next to him. Patrik Sundstrom's son was sitting not too far away. And there were a couple other kids in suits with him who I figured must be prospects, but I couldn't figure out who they were. It wasn't divided up into vets and regulars like usual, it was completely mixed up. There was a line of Bergfors - Gomez - Suglobov, But Gomez carried it, though Suglobov had a couple nice moves and shots. Bergfors got drilled into the boards a couple times. I was surprised at how well Foster played. Not as well as Parise or Suglobov, but he held his own and had some nice plays. Maybe he has an outside shot after all. Voros and Tallackson started slow, but ended up with some nice attacks and played a physical game. Vrana was mostly disappointing, but he had a couple really good shifts at the end. Khomutov just looked slow and Pihlman was invisible. Bergfors looked very fast. Both Suglobov and Parise were bigger than I thought they would be, and there is absolutely no issue with Parise's size - he's bigger than Gomez. I was dissapointed that Ahren Nittel didn't play, and very disappointed that Alexander Mogilny didn't play. Edit: The biggest rule change is by far the allowance of the two line pass. Brian Rafalski, Paul Martin, and Vladamir Malakhov all had sweet passes almost to the opposite blue line. The touch up offsides is nice too, as the game flowed much better, and as has already been mentioned, Marty had NO problem with the puck handling rules, stopping the corner shots before they got to the line. F U rules committee!
  5. Never mind. Just called Codey arena and they said plentry of tickets are still available.
  6. Can you get them at the Arena or do you have to get them at the stadium?
  7. Both SMA (Now Richard Codey Arena 973-731-3828) and Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium (973-483-6900) just dump me into voice mail.
  8. What's Brodeur talking about? Didn't Mogilny sign with Totonto for $5.5, not $3.5?
  9. Yeah, I felt the same way about Pavel Bure in his prime. I could watch that kind of hockey player all day. Just beautiful.
  10. oh, and do you know where I can find more pictures of #89 in his proper (NJ) uniform?
  11. 7, I disagree with an awful lot of your posts, but one thing I have always been in total agreement with you on is Alexander Mogilny. He is my favorite player in the NHL, bar none. He is one of a precious few players that can turn the sport of hockey into an art, and watching him skate, handle the puck, and shoot, is just a joy. To top it all off he is a class act off the ice and always has some good nuggets for the media. There are quite a few Leafs fans that preferred him to Sundin, and are devastated that he left.
  12. I take Kovalchuk, and I'm a huge Elias fan. Kovalchuk has no Scott Gomez on his team. He has no Jason Arnott, no Petr Sykora, and no Jamie Langenbrunner. Yes, he has Dany Heatly, but that's it. Patrik Stefan is a total bust. Kovalchuk has an obscene competitive drive. He is not a pure burner like Pavel Bure, but his array of talents are enough to make you want to cry. If Kovalchuk was on the Devils, Scott Gomez would get 70-80 assists per year.
  13. It's hard to do this when the playoffs are going on. Remember that each side goes to the table with a list of concessions that they can make, and a list of demands that they need in return. They negotiate for a while, then they take the "progress" back to their respective sides (the owners for the teams, and the nhlpa representatives for the Union) and they decide what else they can give up and what else they want in return. I don't like it any more than anyone else, but having more meetings isn't really going to accomplish anything. What will accomplish something is if Goodenow and Bettmen are reasonable, willing to compramise, and are willing to make concessions.
  14. To be fair to Niedermayer, I think his stick was being checked by the forechecker when it happened, so he didn't really do it all by himself. That was bad though, Marty was a little bit at fault too as he didn't seal off the post.
  15. Blackjack

    Trade up?

    Barker's the consensus #1 dman at this point. He could go third after Ovechkin and Malkin. Thelen is also damn good. I have seen him go #4 in some mock drafts right behind Barker. I might be wrong, but I think Thelen is a real physical, punishing defenseman.
  16. Blackjack

    Trade up?

    http://www.hockeysfuture.com/article.php?sid=6724 The 2004 NHL Entry Draft is quickly becoming known for its depth in goal and on the blueline because of players like Cam Barker. The top rated defenseman in North America, Barker is the odds-on favorite to be the first defender selected at the upcoming NHL Entry Draft ceremony to be held in June. The 6?3", 205-lb. native of Winnipeg, Manitoba has all the tools that scouts want to see. He can pass the puck well or he can lug it up the ice himself when he chooses to. Barker controls the power play for the WHL?s Medicine Hat Tigers, using his strong, quick wrist shot as often as he unloads a powerful slap shot from the point. Defensively, Barker is a tough player for the opposition to beat because of his size, strength, and his excellent positioning. He is a good skater but should not be considered a puck-rushing defenseman. "I?d like to improve on my skating because that?s something you need at the next level, and I?d like to improve on my defensive zone play," Barker said recently after an overtime loss to the Lethbridge Hurricanes. "I?ve improved a lot since last year, but there?s always room to improve." Medicine Hat selected Barker fourth overall in the Bantam draft, with the lanky defenseman choosing to play for the Tigers over an opportunity to play in the OHL. "When I was 15 in Ontario I had the chance to play for the Ottawa 67?s, but I chose to come out West because all the good defensemen that seem to get drafted come from the WHL," smiled Barker. Considering that the make-up of Canada?s defensive corps at the recent WJC in Finland consisted almost entirely of WHL players, Barker?s choice seems to have been a solid one. Earlier this season, when the touring team from Russia ventured through the three CHL leagues, Barker failed to make the WHL club to play against them. "I was kind of disappointed," Barker admitted. "But when you look at it, all the guys that made it were all drafted in the first round last year, but I would have liked the chance and I thought I deserved it. But maybe next year." That is not exactly an accurate statement, though, since Mike Green of the Saskatoon Blades did represent the WHL in that exhibition series. Green and Calgary Hitmen defender Jeff Schultz are the next two highly ranked blueliners who could rival Barker for his draft position by the time June rolls around. "Green plays a lot in Saskatoon and he?s a pretty good all-around player," said a complimentary Barker. "I know Schultz plays the power play and he does a very good job at it too." The fact that this season is a draft year can become an overriding problem for some players. Barker admits that it has played with his mind at times, as well. "It is (distracting) at times but you have to try not to think about it all the time because it can get to you," said the 17-year-old defenseman. "You have to keep it in the back of your head and try and play your game." Barker will turn 18 in April during what he hopes is an extension to the Tigers? playing schedule. "I think this year has gone great so far; there are still things I?d like to improve on and I want to carry this team as far as I can into the playoffs, but we?ll see what happens," Barker stated. "The Memorial Cup, it?s a dream of mine and I think we have a good chance with this team but we have to work hard." As a teammate of Jay Bouwmeester?s, Barker often hears comparisons to the last phenomenal Tiger defender to gain pre-draft fame. The comparison might not be fair, however, although it should be noted that Barker has now equalled Bouwmeester?s best year statistically in the WHL. "Jay Bouwmeester played in Medicine Hat so I?ve heard comparisons to him, but we play two different styles of play," summed up Barker. "But he played in the NHL when he was 18 and if I can do that it would be unbelievable." Time will tell, but for now Cam Barker is trying to focus on this season and the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. Barker is currently ranked 4th in North America by Central Scouting and 6th overall by the International Scouting Service.
  17. Blackjack

    Trade up?

    Yeah, I want The Devils to try to get him too. I think there's a good chance he'll go 3rd or 4th overall though, and that will be a hard pick to pry (well, for The Devils anyway) If for some unfathomable reason he starts to slip, I pray that Lou moves up and snags him.
  18. Nidermayer led the playoffs in points. Of course he's not going to score as much as Orr or Leach in '94. But it's a different league, there aren't any more 60 goal scorers, or 125 point producers anymore. It's not that our standards have leveled off, it's that the talent has leveled off. There aren't any more Orrs or Borques or Gretzkys or Lemieuxs. All the successful teams play strict systems so you have to look at who's playing the best within that system. Yes, ESPN loves the flavor of the week. Welcome to our world.
  19. Yes, when the press isn't writing articles reprimanding the team for it's boring style, pedestrian players, and low scoring, and when they aren't blaming us for the downfall of the NHL, they love to give our playes awards that they don't deserve. Reminds me of a [fake] quote from President Bush (courtesy of Saturday Night Live) "More seldom than not, the movies gives us exquisite sex and wholesome violence, that underscores our values. Every two child did. I will.
  20. And Clarke is a better GM than Lou!
  21. See? You're implying that Clarke is a better GM than Lou, and I have no intention of even arguing. I'm just sitting here similing, and laughing on the inside.
  22. I love it. Flyers fans know that the win is tainted because Stevens was out, so they try to justify it by saying that a has-been 2nd pairing defenseman somehow offsets the loss. Eric Desjardins would play on the third pairing in NJ if Scott Stevens was healthy. I like it beacue I know it bothers them, if it didn't they would just shrug their shoulders and move on. But the fact that they keep tying to argue the point says that deep down they know that this victorty isn't all that meaningful.
  23. no problem. Most of the guys at hockey's future are projecting us to take a very good but small (doh!) defenseman, or a big, but raw defensemen. (Sorry, I can't remember their names Unfortunatly the big mean skilled defensemen go very early. We should be able to get a good prospect with Conte at the helm though
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