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  1. This might belong in the "Watch Taylor Hall" thread, but will put here for now: https://twitter.com/amandacstein/status/1164563772478021632?s=20
  2. Yeah I would have liked 4+ too. It is kind of crazy we only have 1 player signed through 2022-23 (Severson)..I know that will change fast (hopefully Hall), but just shows how core-less the team was. No one was earning long term contracts. Greene (5), Zajac (5.75), Schneider (6) in consecutive years coming off the books or at least greatly reduced if re-signed.
  3. I mean wow...just wow....I really could not draw up a better offseason. Subban and Gusev were both players found on "wish lists" for the devils across the blogosphere heading in to this offseason and Shero got both. Hynes can really put together a lineup with skill and speed on every line. Really should just end up being 4th line in name only with the ability to roll out lines that all have the "fast, attack, support" mantra. Hall-Nico-Palms (love having 1 line I know works to tinker around elsewhere..a go to top line has been a staple of great Devil's teams) Gusev- Hughes- Bratt (So much skill on the puck...hopefully they remember to shoot) Coleman-Zajac-Simmonds (shut down veteran line with speed (coleman) and scoring (simmonds)) Wood-Zacha-Boqvist (High skill/speed 4th line that should take advantage of other teams lack of depth) Hayden/Anderson/Rooney/Bastian/Mcleod/Seney as fill in depth....That is a DEEP forward group.
  4. I think the natural trade partner is Colorado. They have the talent to win now and Hall could really put them over the top. They also have a lot of young talent and assets. I'd start with Hall for #4 and Tyson Barrie with the expectation we'd have to give up a bit more or maybe settle for #16, but I think Colorado would be intrigued enough to listen.
  5. I'm on your side for sure. I was drinking the cool aid during the Lou years, but now I am frustrated to see Shero quote Lou with "if you have time you use it." It's a stupid simplification. I think it is disingenuous of Hall to say he wants to be here, but only if xxx takes place. He is clearly just as open to leaving as he is to signing or else he'd just sign and then be an advocate for the team to help us attract talent. Sign and be a part of the solution if that is what you want otherwise I'd move him.
  6. I'd 100% inquire on Puljujarvi. Size on the wing is one area we are extremely limited in (and especially RW). Even if he plays as a small 6'4 he's still 6'4...Puljujarvi ceiling is still high in my mind. The report says the Oilers want a 3rd line f in return (seems low)...yeah i'd give them any of coleman, zacha, zajac, wood (sweeten it with some of our abundance of 2019 picks)....worth the risk to maybe hit a HR. You are getting a guy who was a top notch prospect only 3 years ago. If he had failed on a competent team i'd hesitate more, but I'd take the risk knowing the Oilers might have botched his development.
  7. Yeah I do agree that it is tough and I usually do agree with the wait and see approach. I think I am probably just antsy for action which is clouding my judgement. From the sideline him demanding to wait to see what Shero does is hurting what Shero can do (i.e. pitch FA's on playing with Hall or players with NTC not including the Devils because they know Hall will be here), but there definitely is information/communication we don't know about that might not make that as much of a problem as I am making it out to be. Just hate the potential eventuality of Hall limiting/dictating Shero on what he can do now and then leaving. Again probably some talk/indication from the Hall camp and the Devils on expectations that might not make my perception the reality. "hey taylor we went out and did xxx.." "well I was actually looking for xyz..bye!" "well damn we wouldn't have done xxx if it weren't for you"...Too much power for one player especially one that is hurt as much as Hall.
  8. Yeah, Hall not committing and waiting to see what Shero does hampers what Shero CAN do! Frankly it is giving the player leverage that you don't have to give, while it also hurts your ability to make other moves because teams know you have the Hall problem in the background. I also see his trade value decreasing the longer we wait at this point. Teams start drafting, signing, trading for other players and that lessens their flexibility, which makes me hate this quote from Shero "It'll play itself out. There's certainly no drama on our end, except when people try to make it. He has one year left on his contract, and I hope to get to it much sooner than that. Let's play it out through the draft. Go through free agency. See where we go. As we go through the summer, we'll sit down and see where we are" https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/27006755/part-business-devils-gm-ray-shero-taylor-hall-no-1-pick-more.
  9. Would you trade Hall to stock pile the prospect pipeline with as much high-end talent as possible? Getting a 1st rounder for hall would certainly make an offer sheet where we lose a 1st or two more palatable.
  10. Colorado's #4 for Hall? Do you take it and move on?
  11. Given the talent at the top of this draft would you trade Hall for a top 10 pick this year?
  12. Steadevils

    Hughes or Kakko

    Unfortunately the youtube stream is geographically blacked out in the ol' US of A thanks to NHL network hoarding the rights I assume. Wish it was easier to watch here. International tournaments should be free to watch for all to help bring world peace! Youtube would have been a great work-friendly stream on a Friday afternoon...
  13. Well believe it or not I was giving my opinion and I wasn't actually trying to pitch him....unless he's a reader in which case....Hi Taylor a discount would be great!
  14. Steadevils

    Hughes or Kakko

    I'm to the point where I'd be pretty devastated if it wasn't Hughes....Great article on the U.S. U-18's last run and their push to get the bronze to keep a streak of 15 straight tourneys with a medal alive (didn't know that was a thing) https://theathletic.com/955458/2019/05/02/hockey-has-no-feelings-inside-team-usas-heartbreak-and-redemption/ Highlights on quotes about/from Jack: Hughes thought it was going in. Everybody did. “It would have been nice,” Hughes said simply afterward, the crushing disappointment of the eventual shootout loss surfacing as a blank stare while he answered postgame questions in three- or four-word sentences. His conclusion is one all players come to at some point in this unforgiving sport. “That’s hockey,” he said. “That’s what happens.” “Jack is at another level. The best part about that, if he’s on that next level, they want to be like him,” said Caufield’s dad, Paul. “They’re striving to be like him every day.” “It’s a very competitive game,” Shero said. “From the first shift, Jack is dialed in. It’s hard to be on all the time and the effort is always there from him. But you can see, he’s making a difference. He sees the ice, makes plays. Obviously uses the ice well. He’s a selfless player who has the instinct to buy time and when you have the edges he has, it’s hard to contain.” From Jack's dad: “These kids are elite hockey players. If they don’t know it now, they learned it yesterday but hockey is a very humbling sport,” he says. “I’ve always said that. People don’t understand what that means. You’re high. You’re low. You’re in the middle. You have no idea what’s around the corner, so you have to treat it that way. There’s no room for arrogance. There’s no room for anything other than the fact that the sport is bigger than all its parts.” Jack Hughes quickly found his parents waiting for him. And after hugs and a quick chat with his mom and dad, he searched out all the other parents who helped along the way for a hug and thank you.
  15. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but what do you guys think about signing Taylor Hall? The story I would sell him on: This playoff year has shown how fast a team can rise in to contention. If he leaves to go to someone who will "contend" while he's in his prime he's chasing the dragon. Also, you want to be surrounded by young talent in your 33+ years when the statistical pressure to contend can be passed down and you can age out gracefully as the veteran leader whose "points might be down, but their off-ice presence is worth every penny". This is a really good pitch the owner's have now. Might have some homer-blinders on, but I truly believe we have 3 star forwards in the making. The World's will feature a 20 year old Bratt on the 1st line for Sweden (putting up some #'s and highlights in the warm up games), a 20 year old Nico leading the swiss (hat trick the other day), and a 17 year old American as the youngest ever to wear the stars and stripes for the adult squad. (Also Blackwood, but he might not get many minutes). Unless you are signing with the Avalanche I think you'd be hard pressed to find a squad that is better positioned for a sustained run of contention in the next 8 year period (iff D is solved by trade/fa/prospects/this years picks..big IF, but not that huge of an if given all the assets shero has to work with..). But back to being a leader. Hall in interviews has always been a guy who is aware of analytics and seems to live/breathe hockey. Nico/Hughes have this same trait. The veterans we do have are all ageing out..there is going to be a leadership void in the next 2 years and hopefully Hall sees that as an opportunity and seizes it. Also I'd pitch him by paying him money..yeah that is the other part of the sell..$$$$. Estimates?: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2019/5/1/18518163/how-much-is-taylor-hall-worth-to-the-devils-and-for-how-long
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