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  1. Steadevils

    Devils sign D Jeremy Groleau to entry-level deal

    So back to the Q correct? Really don't have a lot of prospects playing in juniors (I am seeing only 5...that is wild), so will be nice to have another guy to keep an eye on!
  2. Steadevils

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    Hall-Nico-Palms Wood-Zacha-Mojo Coleman-Zajac-Noesen Q-Boyle-Bratt Bratt gets easier match-ups 5 v 5 and can be utilized on the 2nd PP and PK units.
  3. Steadevils

    Santini signs three year deal

    I wonder if one of vatanen or severson could play on the left side especially if Mueller truly is a guy who's more comfortable playing off-hand on the right like they've said. Greene, santini, mueller and lovejoy all need to be with someone who can move the puck out of the zone. I actually remember Santini having a few really good passes early on last season, so I could be off base on him being a total plug on the break-out. Mueller always seems shaky in his own end, but then competent in the neutral and offensive zones. Greene-Vatanen severson-lovejoy Butcher-santini
  4. Steadevils

    2018 UFA Thread

    With how shallow the FA class is I have been deep diving down the lists and this guy, Emile Poirier, has become my irrational #1 target http://calgaryherald.com/sports/hockey/nhl/calgary-flames/calgary-flames-prospect-emile-poirier-opens-up-about-alcohol-abuse Sign for cheap and move him in to the Daneyko's basement.
  5. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I know it has been said, but I continue to be impressed that the Devils have not been connected to a single rumor. Really locked up communications. Can someone go over and make sure the lights are on in the offices?
  6. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Would like to take a look at Emile Poirier on a tryout or two-way contract. The more I read about the guy the more he seems like a fit. Game built on speed and physicality. Reclamation project where there is a known reason for a numbers decline (admitted alcoholism). Just seems like a lottery ticket worth buying to me. Also found this Tobias Reider's 2007-2008 season which is pretty hilarious to look at: 2007-08 EV Landshut U16 Schüler-BL GP: 34 G: 113 A: 64 TP: 177 PIM: 59
  7. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I don't think bringing in a DuClair/Rieder/Sheahan blocks any of our young forward depth. We have Hayes, Grabner, Maroon, Gibbons, and Stafford to replace on the active roster. I think we need some second tier free agents and ones on the younger side would be my preference because if you get lucky you have a long term answer to fit in with the future. But I do agree that I will defer to the professional scouts on if any of these guys fit that mold. I do agree that the cup window is small, so filling holes now with potential long term solutions is a way to open it up. I see a "Hall as a star for the next 6 year" window then hopefully Nico overlaps that as a star and then can open a new window of his own as a top flight star.
  8. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Duclair, Rieder and Sheahan all offer the speed to fit "fast, attacking and supportive" and also have some upside. Would sign any one of them to upgrade Gibbons.
  9. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Few more unqualified names that have peaked my interest: Emile Poirer: 23 Left Wing; Former #22 overall in 2013 who put up great AHL numbers in 2014 but then has been battling an alcohol addiction. Seems like we might have a guy in the booth who could be a mentor for that. Riley Shehan: 26 year old center: Good faceoff/PK guy on the Pens last year. has been scoring 11 goals a year over 365 NHL games. Upgrade over Gibbons and steal him from Pitt. Nick Shore: 25 year old Center with 236 NHL games to his name. Jordan Subban; Still only 23 and a RHD; Some solid AHL numbers to start, but seems to has fallen off.
  10. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Just looking at some unqualified RFAS: What about Dylan DeMelo? 25 year old Right hand D who has played 133 games over the last 3 seasons for the Sharks and put up 20 points last year. Seems like a perfect type of guy to look at. Don't know more about him other than that.
  11. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Now that the RFA qualify period is over; anyone know of any RFA's that didn't get offers that might be worth a look? I think that is an avenue Shero should explore along with a 1-3 year overpay to a UFA vet. Low risk, but fill some holes and brings in some people for camp competition.
  12. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Are there any RFA's that won't get offers today that are worth looking at?
  13. Steadevils

    Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    This team really has a genuine feel to it. Love the mix of young wide eyed kids, handful of veterans, a genuine star and then toss in some guys who have grinded their way into the NHL. It just feels like every role is filled. I am one of those who finds himself wincing at Kinkaid's style at times and want to superglue his helmet on, but damn did he find a way to step up in 2018. Him and Coleman are the embodiment of Devils Hockey to me; underestimated, grind it out, underdog, just find a way mentality mixed in with a we'll show you attitude. Shout out to the coaching staff. Great to see Alain Nasreddine showing so much emotion. He did a remarkable job with the defense. The team plays such a good team defense game with the D and Forwards helping each other out, which is exactly what they need due to not having elite talent D on the back end. Alain Nasreddine has a head coach look to him and, with the way he seamlessly brought in Butcher to the NHL, he has the ability too. Hopefully we can get a few more years out of him before he gets poached.
  14. Steadevils

    2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Really enjoyed flipping between 3 games last night (only really enjoyed it due to the 2 positive results). I am starting to think the Flyers are the most vulnerable here. They have been extremely hot and cold all year and are in the midst of a cold spell here in March. Granted they could get hot again, but I just have never been impressed when watching them this year. They seem to get blown out a lot, so hopefully that indicates a losers mentality that will spiral here at the end.
  15. Steadevils

    This Team Might Legitimately be Good

    5 straight division games coming up. Big stretch.

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