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  1. Steadevils

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    Really is great. Add in Xavier Bernard and we have some depth of D prospects behind Smith. I'll admit that I am still feeling burnt from the high expectations of the Gelinas-Merrill-Larsson triumvirate solving all the devils D woes, so trying to temper expectations here with these guys. Still even if only 1 of Davies, Walsh or Bernard makes it that would be great.
  2. Steadevils

    GDT: Finally Back Home, Penguins @ Devils, 7:00 pm

    Need to have a short memory here..things can turn around quickly or really head in the wrong direction this week with 3 metro and 4 in conference games.....
  3. Steadevils

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    Quenneville still a prospect? If not, apologize for posting this here. I was never high on Quenneville until very recently. I actually really liked the game he played right before he was sent down, which started the turnaround of my opinion. He didn't score but he won some pucks and created chances. Then came the 'Spittin Chiclets' interview with Hall where Hall talked highly of Quenneville as being a great locker room guy and just being a guy who was high energy and loved the game. Now he is down in the Bing fighting for a call up and he just scored a goal in their matinee game and certainly looks like he has maintained that same love of the game spirit that Hall talked about in the interview with his celly. (link to the goal: https://twitter.com/BingDevils/status/1060206502429057024
  4. Steadevils

    GDT: Devil's @ Sens 7:30, MSG+

    Would think you have to give Yakovlev a chance soon. On the other hand a lot of those cross crease goals are partially on forwards not getting low enough or leaning towards breaking out too early.
  5. Steadevils

    GDT: Devils @ Pens 7:00 MSG+, ROOT

    Anderson got the "feel the bern" helmet after this one. Thought he played a great game. He really does seem to be that "can do a bit of everything" type of player that he was touted as by scouts. Hopefully he sticks.
  6. Steadevils

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    McLeod getting back on track in the AHL would be great and would dampen the blow of Zacha trending down. Similar numbers in the OHL. Would obviously be ideal if they both become NHL caliber players, but if one of them can be the future 2C it would make the failure of the other more palatable.
  7. Steadevils

    Zacha to Bingo

    Apparently he is close to Blake Coleman. Coleman provided this quote to Corey Masisak in The Athletic that made me hopeful that the mindset is there for Zacha: "I thought he took the news as well as he could,” Coleman said. “He seemed like he was focused on just making a difference down there and getting his confidence back. He wasn’t pouting or anything like that. I think it will be good if he can go down there and get his confidence. We’re going to need him up here.” https://theathletic.com/632546/2018/11/04/what-to-make-of-the-devils-demotion-of-center-pavel-zacha-and-where-his-career-can-go-from-here/
  8. Steadevils

    GDT: Devils vs. Nashville, 10/25/18,

    Not really understanding people being down on Johansson. He set up Dea twice last night..add in a few zacha misses and he could easily be pushing 6 assists. He needs to play with a goal scorer and the problem is we only have 3 of those right now and they are all on the same line. I'd like to see MoJo on a line with wood. Wood-Zajac-MoJo as the 2nd line. I thought Quenneville actually had a strong game last night and deserves to stay in the lineup for now. He won a few battles for the puck and should have had an assist on the 2 on 1 dish to zajac after he got the take away.
  9. Steadevils

    GDT: Devils vs. Nashville, 10/25/18,

    This marks the end of the Devils NFL-like schedule to start the season. No more than 2 days off until mid December I believe. LOVE TO HOCKEY.
  10. Steadevils

    Devils sign D Jeremy Groleau to entry-level deal

    So back to the Q correct? Really don't have a lot of prospects playing in juniors (I am seeing only 5...that is wild), so will be nice to have another guy to keep an eye on!
  11. Steadevils

    2018 Pre-Season Thread

    Hall-Nico-Palms Wood-Zacha-Mojo Coleman-Zajac-Noesen Q-Boyle-Bratt Bratt gets easier match-ups 5 v 5 and can be utilized on the 2nd PP and PK units.
  12. Steadevils

    Santini signs three year deal

    I wonder if one of vatanen or severson could play on the left side especially if Mueller truly is a guy who's more comfortable playing off-hand on the right like they've said. Greene, santini, mueller and lovejoy all need to be with someone who can move the puck out of the zone. I actually remember Santini having a few really good passes early on last season, so I could be off base on him being a total plug on the break-out. Mueller always seems shaky in his own end, but then competent in the neutral and offensive zones. Greene-Vatanen severson-lovejoy Butcher-santini
  13. Steadevils

    2018 UFA Thread

    With how shallow the FA class is I have been deep diving down the lists and this guy, Emile Poirier, has become my irrational #1 target http://calgaryherald.com/sports/hockey/nhl/calgary-flames/calgary-flames-prospect-emile-poirier-opens-up-about-alcohol-abuse Sign for cheap and move him in to the Daneyko's basement.
  14. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I know it has been said, but I continue to be impressed that the Devils have not been connected to a single rumor. Really locked up communications. Can someone go over and make sure the lights are on in the offices?
  15. Steadevils

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Would like to take a look at Emile Poirier on a tryout or two-way contract. The more I read about the guy the more he seems like a fit. Game built on speed and physicality. Reclamation project where there is a known reason for a numbers decline (admitted alcoholism). Just seems like a lottery ticket worth buying to me. Also found this Tobias Reider's 2007-2008 season which is pretty hilarious to look at: 2007-08 EV Landshut U16 Schüler-BL GP: 34 G: 113 A: 64 TP: 177 PIM: 59

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