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  1. I believe I saw that Brynäs IF (Jesper Boqvist) was eliminated from the playoffs yesterday. Does anyone know the rules about signing him now that the season is done and getting him a few games in AHL/NHL here at the end?
  2. Yeah Detroit last night was a tough one. I got my hopes up, but also had a feeling that they went up 3-0 too early, but still figured they'd get a point. Really thought the Kings would pass us just because Quick would steal more points than our goalies, but he has looked much worse than Schneider over the last stretch. Schneider is ahead of him for sv% for the season now.
  3. A few more quick ones who I thought might be in the running to be worse using this imperfect method: The Atlanta Thrashers - who drafted themselves out of existence- 9648 GP drafted Avalanche (another team who were annual contenders when we were good last) 11100 GP drafted Islanders 12025 GP drafted
  4. Yeah I mean if Cam Janssen is what is making it a useful draft class that is a reallllyyy a low bar...Every draft has good players up and down the draft and the amount of misses the devils had from 2000 to 2010 really must be a statistical oddity. I would love to see a full teams draft history and sort it by a statistic like games played from 2000 to 2010. I would have to guess we are in last place on that. If someone knows of another team that has drafted terribly I will compare 1 to 1, but haven't found an easy way to capture that data across the league. Who has been the consistently worst team over that time frame? Florida? Now obviously this method runs in to some issues because it is easier to draft and accrue NHL games on bad teams and also a lot of florida's picks were top 10, but with player movement (so players you draft ending up on good teams) you would think it would still be somewhat close. Florida also has a lot more players drafted these years that are still active so this gap will widen. Games played to date from draft classes of 2000 to 2010 Florida: 9889 Devils: 8058 To take a team that is similar in success in the early 2000's to failure now: Detroit. Detroit: 11907 Any other contenders? I'd say it'd be difficult to find a worst drafter from 2000 to 20010 than the devil's and that is why we are where we are today.
  5. Nikita Popugaev with two goals this weekend in the Bing. The one above is a ridiculous bottle popper.
  6. Yeah and even moving from 4-3 is a big change. Chances of a top 2 aren't that different between the spots (19.1% to 22.8%), but 3rd to 4th is 84.8% chance of a top 5 pick vs. 57.7%. Especially with the top 5-6 prospects starting to distance themselves from the pack. 3rd to last guarantees a top 6.
  7. To loop my previous post into this thread topic: Flyers vs. Devils full class: 2012: Ghost vs. Severson (probably prefer the flyers class) 2013 Hagg vs Wood (both bad drafts, I'll take the devils class) 2014: Sanheim vs nobody (Flyers win) 2015: Provrov + Konecny vs Zacha/Blackwood (Flyers win unless Blackwood becomes the devils starter for a decade) 2016: Carter Hart vs Bratt/depth pieces (Hart is flyers goalie cursed, so I'll take the Devils draft) 2017: Patrik and Frost vs Nico and Boqvist (I will go against the OP and say I MUCH prefer Nico over Patrik. Frost is ahead of Boqvist at the moment, but I like the depth in the devils 11 picks that year. DEVILS WIN). 2018: Farabee vs. Smith (advantage Flyers, but much too early to call it). 2019: Devils top 5 pick vs. flyers teen pick with the devils having an additional 10 picks in a well regarded draft. This is where we win in a landslide and have the advantage for the next two decades over the enemies from Philadelphia.
  8. Something I think about a lot off of this point is the importance of clustering successful drafts. You become great by clustering successful drafts and then maintain it by supplementing that by not having complete whiff draft classes. I go here a lot to look at our teams draft history a lot: http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/teams/dr00007066.html Late 80's and early 90's draft are what sparked the Devils dynasty. There wasn't a "whiff" draft from '89 to '95 really. We drafted at least one player who went on to play 1000 games every year and regularly drafted multiple players playing over 700 NHL games (~10 seasons worth of regular seasons). The drafts start to dwindle in consistency after a good '98 class, with some that I would classify as complete whiffs in '99, 2000 (debatable), 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013 (miles wood only +), 2014. There wasn't a single class from '99 to 2014 that will likely have multiple players play over 700 games (maybe 2011 with larsson and coleman, but that is no lock with coleman just starting to accrue). That string of failure is absolutely crippling to a franchise. It really is amazing to look back at how bad some of those classes are and how none found multiple NHL players. Now from 2015 on there are some likely productive draft classes. 2015: Say what you want about Zacha, but he's likely to meet my admittedly arbitrary "success" metric of 700 GP. Not ready to put Blackwood there yet, but at least he has a chance to add to the class. 2016: Bratt is just about a lock reach the 700 GP and then some potential depth in the class with McLeod/Anderson/Davies. 2017: Nico will play over 1000 barring injury. Then there were 10 other picks made in the class. Have to think 1 or 2 (Boqvist, Walsh, Studenic, Talvitie) will add to the success of the class. 2018: Ty Smith might need to save this class from a whiff, but he seems to be on track to do just that. Too early to write anyone off so maybe another emerges. 2019: Top 6 pick and then 9 other picks to use. Obviously extremely doubtful that we are able to get the amount of top level legend-status talent like from '89 to '95, but maybe this is the start of adding NHL talent in a sustained year to year basis. Continuing that is our road back IMHO.
  9. I could see the Kings winning a few. What is more likely Cory wins some games or Quick? Kings and ducks play 3 more times..Would be nice if those games go to OT.
  10. I flip flop back and forth and I am back to thinking Hall will sign. With his injury history, an 8 year contract in a place that won't skewer him for being injured is a useful carrot in the negotiations. Imagine if this current season of injury news/no news was happening in one of the Canadian cities? It'd be getting a lot more attention.
  11. Yeah..It is not mentioned in the article, but the fact that Davies is a 22 year old junior also leads me to believe he will sign rather than stay for his senior year...He is going to be the Van Wilder of that campus if he stays...
  12. Not going down without a fight!! https://twitter.com/ChrisRyan_NJ/status/1100779375010680832
  13. Stunning performance by the tankers last night. Really going to be difficult to keep up if this level of performance continues. These teams just seem to have what it takes. Detroit crushing it with an 8-1 loss Senators jump out to a 2-0 lead before showing up and losing 7-2 to the Capitals Kings with a strong 6-1 loss
  14. Walsh is a better prospect than Kerfoot too in my opinion, so hopefully that means he's more inclined to leave early. I mean unless Walsh is a complete detriment in the defensive zone he's putting up as good offensive stats than Kerfoot did as a forward. GP G A PTS Kerfoot F: 25 8 6 14 Walsh F: 33 7 13 20 Kerfoot SO: 33 4 30 34 Walsh SO: 27 10 18 28
  15. Yeah totally agree. Obviously other moves to be made so kind of a pointless exercise (but since this year is over the future is just about all we have to discuss) a fast-forward 2 year defense: Smith-Severson Butcher-Vatanen (if signed) Davies-Walsh Now having all of your D be on the small side might not be ideal, but it is kind of the way the league is trending....
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