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  1. Steadevils

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    This article alone is probably worth launching a free trial of The Athletic, but I will say I have not regretted my subscription overall either. In depth look from Ray on the state of the team. https://theathletic.com/724229/2018/12/19/state-of-the-rebuild-candid-gm-ray-shero-goes-in-depth-on-the-devils-plan-roster-coaches-and-more/
  2. Steadevils

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    MoJo for Burakovsky - who says no?
  3. Steadevils

    GDT: Toronna vs Your New Jersey Devils - 12/18/2018 @ 7:00PM

    This is why the upcoming Hall contract is so interesting. No one wants to lose hall, but would trading him for a massive return that is more in-line age wise with the bratt, hischier, ty smith (maybe boqvist) group make sense? Or would signing hall be like our version of Toronto signing Tavares? I lean towards Hall being our version of a big FA signing just because attracting outside talent to NJ is harder than it is for a team like Toronto. Unfortunately Hall carries a lot of the cards in the upcoming negotiations, so the decision to re-sign or be traded will likely be made mostly by Hall himself (I am not even entertaining the option of losing Hall in FA for nothing. Not willing to put myself in that mental hellscape.)
  4. Steadevils

    Blackwood called up, Schneider to IR

    That does make sense. I would agree that if Cory isn't actually hurt the better course of action would be to send him down through waivers to play regularly in the AHL for an extended period. I was guessing in another thread that this is what might happen after the holidays to spare a respected veteran from riding the AHL bus away from his family over the holidays.
  5. Steadevils

    Blackwood called up, Schneider to IR

    Why would you say that would be a terrible move? At worst I see it as is an inconsequential move to avoid starting Cory in the upcoming back to back.
  6. Steadevils

    Devils Goaltending

    Yeah, Blackwood will definitely get 12/20 or 12/21. Since you can't play Cory this move for one of those games is not shocking. From what I can tell the IR placement is not retroactive, which makes me think they don't really care how long he is down for... "abdominal strain" is a great "injury".
  7. Steadevils

    Devils Goaltending

    Can you put someone on IR for mental health? Schneider must feel completely lost mentally. Does anyone know if this is the record for consecutive starts without a win? I haven't seen that stat and can't seem to find it. I have to imagine he doesn't look as terrible in practice or else you would hope that he would have already been sent down with some phantom injury.
  8. Steadevils

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    I'd like to see how Seney could do in between hall and palms. Feel like his speed could create some additional room for that line and him and hall on the ice would really create a lot of havoc on the forecheck. Might as well see, sink or swim, what Seney is against top competition. Hall-Seney-Palms MoJo-Nico-Bratt Zacha-Zajac-Coleman Wood-Boyle-Noes
  9. Steadevils

    Ray finally speaks

    If/when Ray sells this year I hope we target players rather than picks. I just think with Hall entering his re-signing period that adding under-performing high ceiling players rather than draft picks might go a long way to show that Ray sees the window as 1-2 years away not 3-4 years. I am thinking players who are 22-24 who haven't found room or who won't be able to fit on cap strapped teams now that RFA's are starting to get paid a bit more. MoJo for Andre Burakovsky - Who says no? Caps fans are done with him and I know MoJo was well liked in that locker room. Also, I think Shero was smart to avoid FA's last year with 2019 looking like the year to dip in. Here is an interesting article about the 2019 free agent crop and why it is looking likely that many actually will the hit FA market: https://theathletic.com/706436/2018/12/11/a-lot-of-really-good-2019-ufas-havent-signed-extensions-yet-why-thats-rare-and-usually-bad-news-for-their-team/ and here is just the list without analysis: https://www.nhl.com/news/2019-fantasy-hockey-ufa-preview-list/c-298503958
  10. Steadevils

    Devils Goaltending

    I think it is about time to bring up Blackwood and see what he can bring. We are just getting absolutely nothing from the goaltenders and it is killing this teams morale. Change the goalie midseason just like you change a goalie midgame to try and find a spark. Send Cory down to find his game and ride Blackwood to find out if he has a shot of being an NHL goalie. He's already 22, so it is not like we'd be stunting his growth. A young goalie might even handle getting hung out to dry better than a veteran. He'd just be thrilled to be in the NHL, so won't care that he is facing odd man rushes constantly and having the puck tipped in by his own D. That being said it makes some sense to wait and make this move in the new year. Might be unduly harsh to send a well liked veteran in Cory to Binghamton for the holidays in what is quickly becoming a lost season anyway....
  11. Steadevils

    Devils Goaltending

    For the first time in my lifetime goaltender is the #1 problem with the Devils in my opinion. I thought a thread to discuss possible paths forward (near and long term) to solve the issue would be an interesting discussion. Short term I really do not have a good answer. I just know the status quo is killing the team this year. Short Term-Buy out Cory as discussed in another thread? Continue to hope Kinkaid is a late bloomer (I really have no hope in this one anymore as he's been extremely lucky this year and still is only posting a.906)? Make a trade? Target an FA next year? Play Cory every night until he gets hurt again and put in on LITR? Long Term-With nothing of note in the farm it really is a situation of needing to totally re-vamp a position with a barren cupboard. The good news is that goaltenders, moreso than other positions, can be found fairly randomly in later rounds. So I actually don't disagree with Shero's approach of drafting goalies late and adding undrafted goalies...The problem is that they all look like big whiffs up to this point. My instinct is to keep this approach as you only need to hit on 1, but maybe getting a few extra 3/4th round picks and taking a goalie or two with higher pedigree might up the batting average.
  12. Steadevils

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    I absolutely hate the pass from the point to Hall/Palms while they are on their natural wing power play set up. They kind of get the puck on the wall and try to work between the high and low defenders for a shot, but since their sticks are board side it is a lower danger shot attempt and requires them to kind of float with their backs to the middle rather than attack...Palms was able to work to the middle and snipe one or two early on in the season, but since then it has been useless and led to a fair amount of turnovers.
  13. Steadevils

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Zykov a year younger than Dea and while AHL pts are similar Zykov had a large advantage in goals last year. GP; Goals; Assists; Pts. Dea: 70 18 32 50 Zykov: 63 33 21 54
  14. Steadevils

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Valentin Zykov put on waivers by Carolina..I think I'd put in a claim on him. Scored 33 goals in 66 games in the AHL last year and is only 23...https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/155382/valentin-zykov
  15. Steadevils

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Flurry of action. Always exciting when a 1st round pick gets their 1st chance! Speed and energy from the bottom 6 was cited as Hynes as a need and McLeod should be able to provide both.

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