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  1. Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    This team really has a genuine feel to it. Love the mix of young wide eyed kids, handful of veterans, a genuine star and then toss in some guys who have grinded their way into the NHL. It just feels like every role is filled. I am one of those who finds himself wincing at Kinkaid's style at times and want to superglue his helmet on, but damn did he find a way to step up in 2018. Him and Coleman are the embodiment of Devils Hockey to me; underestimated, grind it out, underdog, just find a way mentality mixed in with a we'll show you attitude. Shout out to the coaching staff. Great to see Alain Nasreddine showing so much emotion. He did a remarkable job with the defense. The team plays such a good team defense game with the D and Forwards helping each other out, which is exactly what they need due to not having elite talent D on the back end. Alain Nasreddine has a head coach look to him and, with the way he seamlessly brought in Butcher to the NHL, he has the ability too. Hopefully we can get a few more years out of him before he gets poached.
  2. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Really enjoyed flipping between 3 games last night (only really enjoyed it due to the 2 positive results). I am starting to think the Flyers are the most vulnerable here. They have been extremely hot and cold all year and are in the midst of a cold spell here in March. Granted they could get hot again, but I just have never been impressed when watching them this year. They seem to get blown out a lot, so hopefully that indicates a losers mentality that will spiral here at the end.
  3. This Team Might Legitimately be Good

    5 straight division games coming up. Big stretch.
  4. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Deleting..didnt read above.
  5. 2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Really a nightmare start for Popugaev. Good news is that he has plenty of season to turn it around.
  6. 2016 Devils 6th Round Pick Jesper Bratt

    I stated that I thought he looked good when out there, so I wasn't just talking score sheets, I was looking purely at the fact that his ice-time is down a bit. Since he is AHL eligible, as explained by Marshall, I'd actually be surprised if he DOESN'T get sent down to the AHL at some point throughout the season. Definitely don't think he should go anywhere other than AHL/NHL.
  7. 2016 Devils 6th Round Pick Jesper Bratt

    Starting to wonder if Bratt is in fact going to be sent down. He still looks good whenever he is on the ice, but he's down to ~12 min of ice a game in the last handful..I hope he stays, but I would understand if they send him down to marinate with lots of ice time. Isn't he AHL eligible too?
  8. The Devils Uniforms

    I think they look kind of slick and I really like the shoulders and collar (runs and hides).....Maybe it was the faster skaters, but they looked sleeker on Monday. I have also enjoyed typing and speaking about the new jersey devil's new jerseys.
  9. 2017 Training Camp thread

    We back.
  10. 2017 UFA Thread

    Offer sheet Nino Niederreiter to continue to build Little Switzerland in Newark. Seriously though with all the space an overpay on an RFA would make sense if GM's ever decided to use offer sheets.
  11. 2017 UFA Thread

    I am on board with this opinion. From the outside looking in, he does seem to be great in the locker room and he is more than just that 1 big goal. He has enough GWG's, including ones in the largest games/playoffs, throughout his hockey career that it does not seem statistically ignorant to say he is someone you want on the ice in those situations. Also, he kills penalties and can score 20+ goals a year. He is one of 3 players on the roster that you can say will score 20 goals next year barring injury. If you aren't getting back someone who can score reliably score 20 + goals a year what is the point? I really don't want to see the Devils in the bottom 5 of GF again.
  12. I was saying George McPhee has a proven track record not Shero. So I would be worried that Shero would have to be out-draft-dueling a GM who was a bit of draft guru with the Caps in my opinion.
  13. I am open to a trade back for a massive haul and draft a D. If Vegas is desperate for a face of the franchise in Patrick then we could get a ton of assets for someone who normally wouldn't be a #1 pick. Use the mystique of #1 to our advantage. Only worry with that is GMGM has a very proven track record at drafting, so Shero would need to think he has hits on the picks coming back that GMGM doesn't see.
  14. Nico or Nolan

    How many 1st rounders from Vegas would it take to move back from 1 to 6? I think they have #6, #15 (islanders), and #24 (columbus). So would #1 for #6, #15, and #24 move the needle? Would be like instead of winning the draft lottery the Devils were gifted picks #15 and#24.
  15. Scott Gomez named Isles Assistant Coach, Stevens quits as Wild coach

    I like Stevens on NHL network and would think he would be an upgrade over just about every personality on Devils Radio and TV broadcasts. I mean if they could swap him in for Johnny Mac, who wouldn't take that? It would be better analysis and he could help intimidate the opposition by looking at them while being between the benches.