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  1. Help us Janne Kuokkanen you're our only hope. Kuokkanen has the best shot with Talvitie and Pakkila the only other Fins in the system.
  2. Amassing a ton of 19-22 year old forwards. Not a lot of high ceiling guys, but continuing a recent trend of acquiring skilled high floor forwards who all project to at least play in the NHL. Wonder if this is an intentional approach to the position. Hopefully Binghamton makes a playoff run and these guys can get some experience winning together.
  3. I wonder what Butcher would get back in this market.
  4. Steadevils

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    Arizona is now out of the playoffs if they started today and they have more GPs than everyone in the league (They've played 5! more than Nashville who I still think is a better team). Really looking like they might miss the playoffs. The Hall trade will look much better if this ends up being a top 10 pick. Would be pretty funny if Shero gets fired for that trade and 1. the 1st is a top 10, 2. Merkley is a useful NHL forward, 3. Bahl pans out as a shutdown D...Might have to send Shero a fruit basket or something. On the Vancouver pick: I am not sure if I am rooting for them to make the playoffs and lose early so we get the 2020 pick or if I'd rather shoot for the moon and have them miss this year and then be terrible next year for an unprotected 2021 1st..I don't think Vancouver is really all THAT good, so could easily see them not making it this year and then being bad next year. Markstrom having a career year is really what is propping them up a bit this year. And then there is my favorite scenario where both Ari/Van pics end up being 2021 unconditioned 1sts and both teams are terrible and we end up with the 2021 #1 and #2 overall on top of our own 2021 31st overall pick .
  5. I mean Hughes should have had 1G, 1A tonight easily, really starting to feel bad for the guy luck wise at the moment. Miracle stick save on Gusev to rob an assist and then Palmeri shooting that puck in the 3rd when he had a WIDE OPEN Hughes on the back door for a tap in....That play by palms was soooo bad..I get being a shoot first guy, but have even the littlest bit of vision there and it is a tap in.
  6. I just am not sure that is a disqualifying factor due to the playoff success being filled with randomness that can be erased with one/two good runs. Looking back, unless I made a mistake it looks like he lost 7 game 7's in Washington/Anaheim (might be digging myself a further hole here..but I think I still have an angle?). That is obviously stunning/remarkable/brutal and is not a thing you'd tick off on the 'positive' column of a resume, but I still say that luck/randomness goes in to that and who knows what happens if one of those games turns out differently. I always think back to our runs on where a bounce here could have ended the magic (those game 7's vs philly in 2000 and ottawa in 2003 were both battles that could have ended up differently without a bounce here or there. On the other end I think we make a run if game 6 or 7 goes our way in '99). I am of the belief from our own runs of success/failure during our dynasty that it is all about getting in consistently and giving yourself ample opportunities to create some luck and make those runs. In the end we lost more years than not during the dynasty and a lot of them were in the 1st/2nd round. The 2012 run is the perfect example in that we easily could have bowed out to Florida, but took those game 6/7 OT wins and were able to build some magic off of that. Boudreau has lost 10 playoff series (7 in game 7's) maybe it's time some luck goes his way? I would be happy to lose in the first/2nd round in the next 2 years just so I have meaningful hockey to watch for the 82 games at least.
  7. Hahaha..but why such a hard pass on Boudreau? I mean he's been an incredibly successful regular season coach with the only real blemish being his teams getting knocked out early in the playoffs. I would enjoy failing in the playoffs in the next 2-4 years....Also playoffs can be such a crap-shoot where a bounce or 2 and your fate can change; I really don't consider it that much of a knock on the guy (Not comparing their abilities/personalities in any way, but hall-of-famer Burns had some of that playoff failing baggage before breaking through with us in 2003). Boudreau was good with the young Capitals teams too, so unless I missed it in other places I don't think he has a knock of being bad with younger players.
  8. Name Fitz GM after the deadline and then fire Nas and hire Boudreau now. That gives Boudreau a few months to help evaluate players and get to know the locker room. I would think Fitz knows him well since I believe he was almost hired in Minnesota, correct? Boudreau also had Stevens as an assistant for a year in Minnesota, so maybe there would be a natural connection there as well to help bring him in to the org.
  9. Really hoping the Coyotes continues to struggle. Could end up with two top 10 picks this year (as long as they don't win the lottery)...
  10. You guys really not even a little bit worried about Hughes? His box score and advanced numbers have been very bad for a few months now and he is getting PP time, so not like it's only his even strength line mates he's playing with. So easy to blame the line mates, but I thought he'd be someone that could somewhat carry a line from day one. Now I'll admit the Ottawa game was the best game I've seen him play in a while, and if 1 or 2 of those chances go in the net I probably wouldn't be writing this post (probably shouldn't be!). I'm not saying "He's a bust!" by any means, but he certainly hasn't been as good as I thought he'd be. Anyone confident in saying that in 3 years he'll be better than what Nico is this year? If you asked me before the season I would have put money on that Hughes would have a better offensive career than Nico in terms of points/personal accolades, but now with Nico coming on and Hughes not being as good as I expected I wouldn't make that bet...Hope to be wrong.
  11. Didn't see this posted, but Scott Wheeler of the Athletic has our prospect pool ranked at #17, but raves about the depth. If you add in the top level talent of Hughes who for all intensive purposes is a prospect we'd be ranked higher for sure (Even Nico/Bratt are the same age or younger than a lot of other teams top prospects). https://theathletic.com/1560036/2020/01/27/wheelers-2020-nhl-prospect-pool-rankings-no-17-new-jersey-devils/ Here is the intro: "If I’m being honest, the Devils were more than half a dozen spots lower before the Taylor Hall trade. And while they didn’t get an A-level prospect back in the deal, they added three decent young players to a pool that was already filled with them. If this list was about the sheer number of prospects I like and/or considered for the ranking, the Devils might be No. 1, or close to it. As a reminder to the criteria above, I set my minimum number of players per team at 15 in order to ensure that even for teams that are particularly thin at the bottom of this list that our readers felt like they were getting equal value and detail out of their ranking." Positives: I was initially dismayed by the #17 ranking, but am really encouraged by the depth this writer sees. Good Hockey teams aren't all top-level talent and hopefully we can really roll out a balanced lineup in 1-3 years (with Nico/Jack and 2020 draft pick as the top level talent). This is especially true at forward where he has a lot listed with NHL floors even if it is just bottom 6 potential. There are some moonshots too, but listed the lower ceiling guys below with a quote from the article. #3 Anderson: "Do I think Anderson’s going to be an impact guy offensively at the NHL level, the kind of player who can drive a second line or complement a first line? No, I don’t. But does he have the tools needed to project safely as a decent third-line winger? Yes, he does. #5 Tyce Thompson: "At the end of the day, only five under-21 college players have scored at a better rate than his 1.48 clip (at the authoring of this piece) in the last decade: Johnny Gaudreau (2.00), Kyle Connor (1.87), Jack Eichel (1.78), J.T. Compher (1.66) and Jaden Schwartz (1.57). He’s a legitimate prospect. #6 McLeod: " I think he can still become a useful NHL player but he’s not going to be an impact offensive driver." #7 Merkley: "there aren’t that many low-tempo, small, pass-first wingers in the NHL who don’t have major scoring touch but I think he’s strong enough on the puck to make it work." #11 Schnarr: " He’s a very good passer for his size and does a wonderful job creating through small areas to draw attention to his size before hitting the trailer or finding the backdoor guy. I think there’s room for him to become a depth player at the NHL level and a dominant AHL forward." #16 Bastian: "Bastian doesn’t have the skill to play high in an NHL lineup and for a long time I doubted whether he would make himself into an NHL option at all but he’s versatile enough and strong enough to probably play a fourth-line role at this point and his game in tight is really good." Negatives: 1. Really need most of our defensive prospects to pan out which is not an ideal situation to be in....From this list: #1 Smith, #2 Walsh (Scott is higher than most than I've seen on Walsh), #4 Bahl all need to become NHLers or else we'll need to find another way to field a top 6 with what we have in the NHL now.... 2. Lack of top end talent, but as mentioned Hughes/Nico/2020 pick will hopefully make up for the lack of top end talent in the system since they're the same age as a lot of the prospects listed for other teams.
  12. I was SHOCKED to see that Mueller got his FIRST assist in this game.....How is that even possible?
  13. Damn...This seems pretty darn spot on to me. Brutal, but hard to argue with any of his points and is a pretty good summary on the current state and how we got here. I am not positive we have a single defenseman that will be here when/if we are contending again, so I am not sure it is much of a blame on the system as this gentleman seems to mainly put it on. Ty Smith has a shot and Bahl and walsh and prospect XX maybe, but there is no one that I'd make a significant bet on. There isn't a single defenseman up and down the franchise that you can say "He'll be a cornerstone 4-5 years from now". That scares me...
  14. My main worry is how this went down. Shero is relationship builder who is well liked across widely across the league and the way he was dismissed was belittling to Shero and embarrassing for the franchise. Even if you 100% agree with the firing you can't be impressed with how ownership went about it and then fumbled their way through a press conference with no real reasons. Hynes and Shero were both let go right before games with off-days following...seems like an absolute clown show from a PR standpoint and from caring at all about allowing your players to focus on the games in hand. I'd bet the disorganized manner with how this was handled diminishes the Devils in the mind of many across the hockey community. Now to add my no knowledge speculation for Mfitz. The only explanation that makes sense to me that I have seen bandied about is: The owners already know they want Fitzgerald to be the future GM, so they want let him start now with the lead-up to the trade deadline and draft. But again, if that is what ownership wants to do just own that, say that, and don't do it 2 hours before a game....
  15. Paywall Athletic article on Bahl. Seems like his coaches really love this kid and interesting to know that he's been thrown out against the top players in the OHL since he was an OHL rookie. A few quotes for those without The Athletic. "He’s very, very mobile for a big guy. One of the keys to Kevin is moving his feet. If someone was to criticize his skating, it would be about moving his feet rather than speed or mobility. The biggest improvement in his game over the last few years that’s glaring for me is his gap control, or his ability to adjust his speed in the neutral zone. He’s able to match the speed of the opposing forward and then with his stick and his wingspan, he’s able top force attacking forwards into positions where they don’t want to be." from his 67's coach. From Bahl: "My whole career I’ve been playing against top guys, and I love to play against top guys. I want to know that I’ve shut down a guy when my team wins by a goal. I think they really like that and I take that to heart when I have to play against those guys. That’s my thing.”
  16. Yeah that's actually a fair point in terms of quantity drafted, but that is a bit skewed considering 4 of those were 7th round selections. But yeah in terms of process the only thing I can point to is maybe having used more top half of the draft selections on Defense (that did change in the 2019 draft and agreed that those windows are wide open for some NHLers to emerge). Agreed that there is still hope for some of these guys to develop for sure and hopefully my gripe falls away because of that. (Zaitsev and Misyul both playing in the KHL, Walsh looking like he could be an NHL player, 4 taken in 2019). Obviously everyone is looking for these guys, but today I don't see a top pairing guy in the system and we'll need 1 or 2 of those to compete, so even though they are extremely hard to find it is a failure of Shero to have not found one to this point. But point taken that I don't have much of an idea on how I would have preferred he operated, so maybe I'm just complaining to complain here.
  17. The lack of drafting/developing a single NHL level defense-men is my main knock with how Shero has operated. It was a position that was aging and weak when he arrived and it remains aging and weak after 5 years. Ty Smith is the only guy drafted you can point to as having a good chance to have an NHL career...Defense is the position that I don't have a clear vision of how they'll build it to a strength and I fear it will be what holds back the Hughes/Nico core from competing.
  18. Steadevils

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    I think Shero would get another GM job fairly easily if let go here. He seems like a guy who builds and not burns bridges and those guys can tend to float around forever. He hasn't made any trades that warrant being banished to broadcasting.
  19. My hope is the 'yotes fall out of the playoffs this year so the 2020 pick ends up in the teens or if they really collapse a top 10. I don' think that's really that much of a stretch, but they do have very good goaltending which might make it tough for them to fall off completely. Calgary looks like they are back on course in that division. I think them falling this year is much more likely than them winning a playoff round AND re-signing hall. This at least gives me a reason to check the scores/standings every once in a while, which I really didn't have before. So I guess that's nice? The "Hall and Yotes" slogan is another positive?
  20. The Athletic had an article recently with the premise that "Teams that build around high-end players at those three positions – No. 1 center, No. 1 defenseman and goaltender – should be in pretty darn good position to challenge for a Stanley Cup". They ranked the current "microcores" and the Devils were ranked dead last (https://theathletic.com/1446088/2019/12/10/ranking-nhl-microcores-executives-scouts-and-a-coach-rate-the-core-players-for-all-31-teams/?source=shared-article). The scary part to me is that the only of those 3 positions we even have a future on is Center and hopefully that becomes a deadly 1/2 punch...We are miles away from having the Defense to compete in my opinion. Not only do we not have a single defense-man that fits the Nico/Hughes core in age on the NHL roster, the only guy in the entire system with clear top 4 potential is Ty Smith and he is not projected by anyone to be a true #1 defender. We are in desperate need for defensemen, so hopefully whatever comes back from Hall is either D prospects or picks that are used to get some because right now that is the position that I am worried will drag down the Nico/Hughes era.
  21. Haha yeah I do recall not liking how PDB handled young players, so maybe my not hating the idea of PDB is just based off of hating the fact we fired the head coach and kept all of his assistants and just wanting ANY full change and new voice in the locker room. I like that San Jose fired PDB and most of his long time assistants..that's a true changing of the guard.
  22. I'd want any goalie coming back in a Hall trade to be the 2nd or 3rd piece and not the center piece of the trade. I agree with Shero's approach to goalie. Draft one every year and hope to strike gold. Hasn't worked yet, but Schmid/Brady have shown some signs in the USHL and Senns has been the best goalie in the Bing (not saying much, but still he's taken control of the #1 job in his first year in NA).
  23. I'd be okay bringing back Deboer *Runs and hides from comments*
  24. Steadevils

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    Agreed. Defense is probably the hardest position to build, D prospects take the most time to develop, and it is the position we are farthest away from building in my opinion (just need to strike once for a goalie). I am getting worried about Ty Smith after camp and his poor start. So many prospects in recent history that I thought had potential and thought were going to be big parts of solving our defensive woes that didn't reach their potential for one reason or another. Top of my head in no order: Santini, Urbom, Gelinas, Merrill, Larsson, Corrente. Lots of work to be done on defense so hopefully some of the recent picks pan out and we can get a Greene/Rafalski FA otherwise it is looking fairly bleak to be honest.....(an aside: it is pretty amazing that we have had an undrafted FA in our defensive top 6 since the year 2000..end of an era once Greene retires). .
  25. Every day Ray doesn't execute this trade is a chance for a historically brittle player to get hurt. Get the bids in, evaluate and make a decision. Is there any downside to just announce you are going to trade him and just bench him at this point to prevent injury? Don't think the "well we'll just keep him" leverage/bluff really applies when everyone can smell the BS...
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