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  1. Sorry crazy work morning, just realized now I was up, Lance Moore, NO, WR.
  2. Sorry for the delay, had two street hockey games this morning, I'm going to take Mark Ingram, NO, RB. I'll be driving all around Jersey like a mad man for work from now through Wednesday, so I apologize for delays in picking, but I got to pay the bills somehow.
  3. Totally wanted Colston, instead I'll take Dwayne Bowe, KC, WR
  4. I wanted to wait to pick my keeper after the game Saturday night and since people could change their picks anyway, VALUE are you good picking your spot or are you still waiting on me?
  5. I'll pick 4th, sorry for the delay, was at the end of 3 straight weeks of travelling.
  6. Sebastian Janikowski, K, OAK Nate Washington, WR, TEN
  7. Jeremy Maclin, WR, PHI Jermichael Finley, TE, GB
  8. Sorry was on the road all day, just got back to the office. I already hate how this draft is going, I'm going to be left with Tebow as my QB... I'm going to take a huge risk here and hope he shows up to camp. MJD, RB, Jac
  9. Fair enough, I do a two person franchise in NHL each year, just won the cup a few weeks ago. But I don't spend much time in NJ, so it took longer than it should have.
  10. How can you be playing Madden when the NHL 12 demo is out?
  11. I wanted Olsen, but I'll settle for Jared Cool, TE, TEN
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