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  1. Ryznar AND Janssen Sent Down?

    this also goes with brown too
  2. Ryznar AND Janssen Sent Down?

    don't worry guys, cam isn't being sent down, he's driving to hartford for the game and coming right back, its just because the devils have 4 days off and cam doesn't play that much to need the 4 days off and plus hartford has alot of tough guys.
  3. Flyers at Devils 1/9 @7:30

    Dont worry guys, just talked to Cam, he is playing, he never had the flu or was sick at all, so he wont be playing without any energy or anything.....look for him to go with Ben Eager......
  4. Tucker fined $2,500, no suspension

    that was all before cam had any idea that tucker was taunting him after the fight. Cam didn't know he was taunting until he saw the replay today, don't be surprised if cam tries to go with him again, if he's still up.......
  5. New from St. Louis

    Hello everyone, I'm from St. Louis but I've been following the Devils now for about 3 year or so since my cousin Cam Janssen was drafted by the devils, I'm a Blues fan but have been following the Devils more than the Blues this year because the Blues suck and Cam's playing a few games here and there.