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  1. Count the 2003 Champs in. Time for another fantasy cup for me and another for the Devils.
  2. With the cap floor being $48 million and per Capgeek.com there's still the Isles, Avs, Preds, Jets and Yotes that need to hit it. So those are potential destinations for guys like Rolston, Zubrus or Clarkson. Unfortunately all of those guys are playing on the right wing last I knew. Possible cheaper replacements for them on the roster are Palmieri, Tedenby, and...? I'm guessing Clarkson stays to fill the 3rd line RW spot and either Rolston or Zuby goes. So now between those 2 Rolston plays the right point on the PP. If Larsson was left handed I'd say Rolston goes, but he's not so we still need a good shot (good meaning hard, but apparently not accurate..at all) from right point for the PP. Our only other offensive option really on the right point for the PP is Greene. Zubrus is versatile and can play center, but we have a log jam at centers now with Josefson, Elias, Zajac, Pelley, Steckel. Conclusion, Zubrus goes.
  3. Richards alone doesn't scare me, yeah he'll put up 20-25 goals for the Rags and 60 assists, but Richards feeding Gaborik the puck scares me. Gaborik finally has a center with skill that can feed him the puck. If (GIGANTIC IF) he can stay healthy now he'll easily get 50+ this year. But that still doesn't match what I expect this year from Kovy, Elias and Parise.
  4. I really don't see this team taking kindly to a first run head coach. They need a veteran type, so I'm leaning toward Hitchcock unfortunately.
  5. West Anaheim (Selanne/Ryan/Fowler/Emery) or Vancouver (I'd like a Canadian team to win) East Montreal (Canadian Team)
  6. JesterDevil

    90's music

    Some of my favs from the 90's.
  7. That was awful, but thanks for sharing it Prucenterrules.
  8. Scott Stevens would rip your head off for that comment.
  9. If we claim him and then re-waive him I think Detroit would actually get first dibs on him? This would be doing Ken Holland and the Wings a favor which I'm sure they'd pay back if asked in the future. Ken Holland is that type of GM.
  10. Always looking for a good online match on Xbox Live. Tag - Jesterdevil
  11. That'd be great if the Pats picked him back up off waivers. Free draft pick.
  12. Pat Burns = Jesus. Back from the dead.
  13. So who are they going to injure?
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