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  1. Why wouldn't the Devils organization actually honor the vote in addition to collecting more names and phone numbers? Why are they so partial to 'Howl'?
  2. I missed the annual goal song saga. Has it been "Howl" since opening night? I was at a preseason game and I swore it was Naughty by Nature
  3. Hey everyone, Is there anybody who is selling tickets for the alumni game on 3/7? I had been really busy with some personal issues and missed out the chance to buy tickets from the Devils. If there is anyone who is selling tickets for a reasonable price, I'd be really grateful.
  4. I definitely agree with the ranking of those four players but you might want to throw Martin into that mix; I don't think people felt his leaving was no big deal. Yeah, he might be at number 5 for me on that list, but his leaving wasn't easy for me to take either. One place we differ about Parise is that I bought his crap about wanting to stay, so I think his leaving stings me more than it does you. Overall, however, Nieds' actions stung more than Parise's ever will.
  5. Of course I hated Gomez going to a rival, but all season I felt like there was no way he was re-signing here. On the other hand, Zach was feeding us lines about wanting to re-sign here. Maybe I'm a sucker for believing him, but he kept giving me hope, while it was clear Gomez was leaving.
  6. Thank you for stating your opinion but not acting like everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot. The board is more fun when people are just giving opinions and not acting like they're smarter than everyone else.
  7. Lol, it's been four days. Give it a break.
  8. I figure they'll both be on the side watching the real players practice.
  9. There will always be people trying to prove how smart they are by proving others wrong. Rather than just be kind and allow people to vent since emotions are running high, some people can't help but jump at the chance to go after others and prove them wrong. It's just how the internet works. I thought I got it in under the time limit but w/e.
  10. Nice, another genius who is smarter than everyone else. This right here is the definition of an internet tough guy. You think you're so smart, telling us how we would act, when in fact you really have no clue. You must be a fun person to spend time with. Let's hope this douchebag never sees this post because he has left the forum for good. Edit: What happened to consecutive posts from the same member getting combined?
  11. Come on, you've been on the board long enough to know that there's a whole contingent of people who think they're smarter than the rest of the board. They show no respect and never entertain the possibility that what others say might have merit, so they're impossible to argue with. Your anger at Parise is certainly understandable and I'm right there with you.
  12. BTW, I support MadDog2020 here. It's understandable to be emotional in this situation.
  13. I mentioned the "we," "us," and "don't worry" comments as having had given Devils fans hope and I've been getting bashed like a motherfvcker.
  14. Alright thanks. My twitter seems to be slightly slower than other peoples' feed. Edit: Typo
  15. Is Parise really worth 1.2 less than Crosby and Malkin? I don't think so. Letting him go was not the worst thing that could have happened.
  16. I guess I'm not a good enough person to wish him good things in Minny. All the worst Zach! I hope we see Gomez-like futility and you never make the playoffs. Edit: This post is not meant as an insult to any posters btw.
  17. Agreed. Gotta give the C to someone who will be here for a while.
  18. If he didn't make those few comments I wouldn't have felt slighted at all. It's completely his right to pick whatever team he wants when he becomes a UFA. Edit: I apologize for getting angry at you if you truly didn't see my reply.
  19. You call my post stupid, show me no respect although I have done nothing to disrespect you, and then don't even respond to me when I try to defend my original post.
  20. The geniuses on this board, and you know who they are, disagree with you and their word is fact.
  21. According to devilsrule33 you are not allowed to think that way. We must first ask what he thinks before posting a comment.
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