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  1. On 11/24/2019 at 11:28 AM, Satans Hockey said:

    During preseason they were alternating the songs after each goal and then the fans got to "vote" for which they wanted. The whole thing was rigged from the very start so the front office could collect more names and phone numbers to call about season tickets and Howl "won" and hip hop horray has become the after a win song.

    Why wouldn't the Devils organization actually honor the vote in addition to collecting more names and phone numbers? Why are they so partial to 'Howl'?

  2. This is how I feel about Gomez as well. With Gomez, I felt there was literally 0 chance he was re-signing here. The main thing that stung about Gomez was where he went. He also decided within 5 minutes of FA opening it seemed and never gave me any thought that he was even considering signing here. Zach was a lot different. I personally felt that he was going to leave, but I had been preparing for it all year so I expected the worst. The only respite from Zach leaving is where. Gomez also wasn't a captain and we weren't 2 games from a cup when he bolted.

    I rank the sting of guys leaving like this:

    1. Niedermayer 2. Parise 3. Holik 4. Gomez

    I only count those four because the other guys who have left, we mostly knew they were going and the consensus was that it wasn't a big deal. Madden was my favorite player when he was here, so that one stung personally, but I didn't hate the guy (nor do I) because it was an expected departure.

    I definitely agree with the ranking of those four players but you might want to throw Martin into that mix; I don't think people felt his leaving was no big deal. Yeah, he might be at number 5 for me on that list, but his leaving wasn't easy for me to take either.

    One place we differ about Parise is that I bought his crap about wanting to stay, so I think his leaving stings me more than it does you. Overall, however, Nieds' actions stung more than Parise's ever will.

  3. Of all the player defections we've endured, Gomez still stung the most. It was just a pure cash grab from our biggest rivals. Zach said "No way" about the Rangers, kept his word on it, turned down more money from the Flyers, turned down Sid and the Pens, and ultimately went home. I couldn't hate Rafalski for going home. Why would I hate Zach for it?

    Of course I hated Gomez going to a rival, but all season I felt like there was no way he was re-signing here. On the other hand, Zach was feeding us lines about wanting to re-sign here. Maybe I'm a sucker for believing him, but he kept giving me hope, while it was clear Gomez was leaving.

  4. :rolleyes: some people just can't let it go. Sure I was pissed he left...for a day or two. But not like I ever owned any Parise merch. Now I can look forward to getting the C put on my Kovy jersey, once it becomes official....

    Lol, it's been four days. Give it a break.

  5. Again, this isn't the time to be pleading for leniency in front of an angry mob. I don't understand why people don't get this. If you want to make this argument on November 10 about how Zach's a good guy and all and complain how people aren't over it, whatever. The wound's too fresh now, you and everyone else are not going to get anywhere arguing this point this week.

    No offense but people arguing how we're being too hard on Zach and why we shouldn't hate him are annoying me almost as much as Zach's bromance itself. He's not a Devil anymore and he left us, why should I give two ***** about being fair to him now? And if he felt he was going to be here all along, why was he talking with Suter during the season about linking up? Please.

    There will always be people trying to prove how smart they are by proving others wrong. Rather than just be kind and allow people to vent since emotions are running high, some people can't help but jump at the chance to go after others and prove them wrong. It's just how the internet works.

    Think you gotta post in a certain time limit.

    I thought I got it in under the time limit but w/e.

  6. Wow what closed-minded bitterness. Its like a bunch of 9 yr olds that didnt get their way on here, which is nothing new around these parts.

    Lets see:

    Play for NJ who just made it to the cup finals, youre the captain of the team, and familiar with everyone, yet its an aging team, youre absolutely underappreciated by the fans, and play in front of half full buildings with fans wearing their new kovi jersey that know nothing about the game.

    Or i could, go to my home state, be a hometown hero, live by my family, bang my smokin ass gf every night, make loot, be the king of the entire state, play in front of a sellout crowd every night, be on a team shaping up to be a contender, and play in a more wide-open conference. Hmmmmmmmmmmm yeah what a piece of sh!t that zach parise is. How dare he make the decision that benefits him and his family the most. fvck that guy man. He didnt even play hard for us every shift. Now that kovalchuk, hes one that will set an example for our young guys. Glide around the ice, try not to backcheck too much, dont work too hard on the boards, turn the puck over as much as you can. Give that guy the C already will ya petey?!?!?!? Now ive never taken this website seriously because ya really cant, but this is the end of it, people are going to chant KOVIS BETTER and boo parise and burn their parise things? What a genuine group of a$holes you people are.Lets get something straight, kovi is not and never will be better than parise. The contract that fella got is the worst thing that will ever happen to this franchise and this is just the start of it. I knew most devils fans were clueless to the team they support, and now the responses on this confirm that. Shame on any of you that boo the guy for doing whats best for himself. If you were in his shoes youd do the EXACT same thing. The guy didnt go to a rival, he went home. Thats enough of this corny ass website for me children. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves in anger about parise being an intelligent human being and also my response to your comical views on the fella. Ill be back on around september for some ticket deals. Its been real.

    Nice, another genius who is smarter than everyone else. This right here is the definition of an internet tough guy. You think you're so smart, telling us how we would act, when in fact you really have no clue. You must be a fun person to spend time with. Let's hope this douchebag never sees this post because he has left the forum for good.

    Edit: What happened to consecutive posts from the same member getting combined?

  7. Oh knock off the holier then thou nonsense. Players have no loyalty to us so why should we respect them? Zach didn't win a cup here. He deserves nothing from us.

    Come on, you've been on the board long enough to know that there's a whole contingent of people who think they're smarter than the rest of the board. They show no respect and never entertain the possibility that what others say might have merit, so they're impossible to argue with. Your anger at Parise is certainly understandable and I'm right there with you.

  8. His comments have really rubbed me the wrong way. He made it sound like he and Suter planned this for a while. Did they? Who really knows. But it sure seems like it. If you never planned on staying, just do what most guys do when asked about the situation- speak in generalities and be vague. Zach didn't do that. Everything was "we" and "us" and the infamous "don't worry". Talk about a high-falutin' huckster and hustler.

    I mentioned the "we," "us," and "don't worry" comments as having had given Devils fans hope and I've been getting bashed like a motherfvcker.

  9. I guess I'm not a good enough person to wish him good things in Minny. All the worst Zach! I hope we see Gomez-like futility and you never make the playoffs.

    Edit: This post is not meant as an insult to any posters btw.

  10. I didn't see your reply. I went for lunch and came back to 10 more pages and the announcement of the signings. I think Zach didn't do one thing wrong in this entire saga. Fans were going to feel slighted no matter what happened here. Trust me, there are athletes doing 1000x times worse things than saying "we" while under contract and "don't worry". If that's the worst anyone has...well then he's a fvcking class act until he left.

    No matter what he did..he'd be fvcked.

    If he didn't make those few comments I wouldn't have felt slighted at all. It's completely his right to pick whatever team he wants when he becomes a UFA.

    Edit: I apologize for getting angry at you if you truly didn't see my reply.

  11. Exactly, this was always a lose-lose for fans like I have said 100 times. It seems all the Devils fans ever wanted was for Parise to just love the state, the organization, and the fans. They wanted to be chosen. But at the end of the day, he is not worth close to this kind of contract. Not a fvcking chance. And if he had chosen the Devils, the honey moon would be pretty quick and the realization of how bad this deal is would quickly set in.

    I'm excited for the fans of Minnesota. These are some of the best fans in sports that have had nothing good to cheer for since they came into the league really. This is a team that has been floundering for years. While they overpaid for some stars, it's something for them. And that's enough.

    Respond to me.

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