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  1. I'm not saying it was Marty's fault but most of the games we have won this year have been because Marty came up huge. In no way was it Marty's fault.
  2. Caps 3-2 over Tampa 9:45 left in third
  3. If Marty is still getting a rest tomorrow night let's see if that helps him. Maybe it's what he needs.
  4. I've seen good signs from this game. We have scored 5 goals which is great. Giving up 5 is pretty bad, especially a 3 goal lead, but I'm not worried about the D. LETS GO DEVILS!!!! WIN IN OT!!!!
  5. stupid penalties accounted for 2 goals
  6. How do I join that I hate Ken Klee Club?
  7. Anybody see how empty the stands are?
  8. A win here could turn the last 14 games of the season around. GO DEVILS!!!
  9. Anybody remember Anaheim in the 02-03 seaason? They were a 7 seed in the playoffs (like we may very well be) and they had a goalie who started playing amazing in JS Giguere. If Marty plays out of his mind, which I think he can, we do just as Anaheim did and make it to the Cup Finals.
  10. I know there are some nights where you will look at Kozlov and ask yourself, what is he doing? But he's big, he has a good shot, and he can set guys up every once in a while. We have to try something, becasue no games will be won when scoring zero goals.
  11. I have not seen much of Hasek's replacement but I heard he has been playing pretty well. I think we need to get a lot of shots on him early and if another line besides the EGG line can put one or two in, I think we will win.
  12. i hope once the new players get to practice with the Devils that they will be better
  13. I have not been a member here for a long time but all the questions I had were answered by RD quickly and thoughtfully. RD, I respect your decision to leave here, but I would love it if you came back to post.
  14. Its wonderful that we keep getting more defense, but we need to score so that there is something to defend with this new and improved defense.
  15. is there a link to the faceplate?
  16. I will be in marlborough, Mass. Also, I will try to find out more about about Sports Depot so hopefully I can catch the game. I think marlborough is near Boston.
  17. I am leaving today afternoon to go up to Massachusetts and I am staying in a hotel. Do you guys have any suggestions of how I can see tonight's game, because I'm pretty sure the TV won't get it?
  18. Games like this make me want to not trade Kozlov for the first time in a while.
  19. The start of this period is making me a little nervous.
  20. I think Steve Moore should get even more money than lost wages. He probably worked very hard since he was a kid to become a good enough hockey player to make it to the NHL; just to have all his hard work made into an unfortunately short career because of some jerk who can't control his anger.
  21. It's amazing how Kozlov does something during the Olympics, but he cant do anything for the Devils.
  22. Also, is there any news on Rafalski?
  23. devils26

    pregame music

    If it helps any of you guys recognize the song, I think it is a rock song.
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