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  1. I think Steve Moore should get even more money than lost wages. He probably worked very hard since he was a kid to become a good enough hockey player to make it to the NHL; just to have all his hard work made into an unfortunately short career because of some jerk who can't control his anger.
  2. It's amazing how Kozlov does something during the Olympics, but he cant do anything for the Devils.
  3. Also, is there any news on Rafalski?
  4. devils26

    pregame music

    If it helps any of you guys recognize the song, I think it is a rock song.
  5. devils26

    pregame music

    i don't think so, but i think they do say the word watching
  6. devils26

    pregame music

    I think they also sometimes play the song when the scoreboard shows that meter and it says get lowd.
  7. devils26

    pregame music

    When the Devils come on the ice, what is the song that plays? I'm talking about the song that has a rock part with no words, and then a part that slows down and a guy says a few things.
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