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  1. If I were allowed to have an opinion on here I might be thinking something about all this.
  2. Zach could have said plenty of things. "Oates is a big loss." "It's a shame to lose Oates." "Oates is a good coach. He'll do great in Washington." These are all pretty neutral and fans wouldn't really be able to look into them.
  3. You honestly don't see how fans might perceive Zach's comments differently?
  4. What happened? I disagree with you and am not one of the 10 self-described geniuses of the board so I don't get a response? Sorry for offending you with my stupid post earlier.
  5. You may not agree with other fans' point of view, but you have to see how some fans might take his comments to mean more than they actually do. That's all I'm trying to say. If you refuse to make that concession then you're just being stubborn. I apologize that some fans, including myself, may not be as extremely intelligent as you.
  6. When I refer to breaking hearts, I see that as building up hopes of re-signing only to dash those hopes. After the season Zach dropped a few very subtle hints that he was going to re-sign. Instead, it would have been kinder to fans to just keep his mouth shut or to watch his word a little more closely. He made it sound like it was a slam-dunk that he was going to sign with the Devils when in fact it was more of a toss-up. Again, Zach doesn't have to be kind to fans, it just would have been nice if he were. I agree that this is not an easy decision for Zach. Like I said, I feel the scorn is com
  7. He did it after the season multiple times and an intelligent player would know how fans would take such a comment. You're also forgetting the "don't worry" comment he made to fans at the rally to meet the Devils bus. He never did anything that wasn't allowed or that wasn't technically correct, but a smart player would see how he was string a team's fans along, albeit probably unintentionally.
  8. But that's what fans do. An intelligent player would be aware of that and watch what he says if he doesn't want to break the hearts of thousands of fans (not that it's his responsibility to do that, just a nice courtesy).
  9. I think what a lot of people around here are frustrated with is how Zach kept dropping subtle little hints about returning. In interviews after the season he would use "we" as if he were a member of the Devils and planned to continue being one. He told fans "don't worry" when they were chanting for him to come back at the rally that met the team bus. Zach made it sound like he was coming back when in fact it was more of a toss-up. I don't think people are mad at Zach for making a choice that is clearly his; it's just the hints he dropped to string Devils fans along, acting like he'd definitely
  10. Yeah it seems like a lot of the members on this board are pretty excited for Wedgewood. I don't know too much about him besides what others on the board have said, but it seems like he has a chance to be the real deal.
  11. You're probably right in saying that a Marty and Moose tandem is better than a 1A-1B situation with Moose and one of the FA goalies you listed. I guess with Frazee and Kinkaid things are still a bit unknown and we just have to wait and see how things shake out. Frazee's falling SV% does worry me a bit though.
  12. You say that "He couldn't clinch a starting spot, and I feel like there must be a reason," but we don't know enough about the inner-workings of the teams he played on to make a fair assumption. If you look at the SV% early in his career, you'll see that he could barely keep it above .900 despite playing on a variety of teams. Perhaps this means that Moose just wasn't very good early in his career, and that's why he couldn't hold down a starting role. I know it may be a crazy suggestion, but what if he has actually improved with age? This is an honest question: how would you explain the positiv
  13. You touched on it but in 2009 he started over half of Atlanta's games and put up a .915 SV%. I don't think it's fair to look at a few stretches where he played consecutive games and then use that small sample size to decide that he's incapable of being a starting goalie. If anything, I'd say his ability to be a starting goalie is unknown. What stretches are you referring to where Hedberg played multiple games?
  14. For one, we don't know the money situation. I know there are rumors about how much the Pens have offered, but those are just that; rumors. Perhaps money is a bigger factor than we've realized, and the Pens just aren't offering enough. Additionally, what if Zach doesn't want to be the third best player on the team. Crosby and Malkin are in their own league in terms of ability, and after the novelty of signing a very good player like Parise wears off, he'll go back to playing third fiddle. If he instead signs with the Devils, he'll be the best or second best player on the team and a likely fan f
  15. Although it's obvious now that Hedberg won't be the starter, do you really think that he is worse than Marty at this point? Marty's SV% over the last three years has been .908, .903, .916. In comparison, Hedberg has been at .918, .912, .915. At this stage in their careers I don't think there is much of a difference between the two; Hedberg may even be better.
  16. What do you think of Hedberg being the starter with a young guy in the system backing up?
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    Ah, okay. Thank you.
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  19. Fair enough. If we're rewarding Marty for the loyalty and what he has meant to the organization then 5 mil is a fair price.
  20. Do you think his play merits 5 mil? Or are you giving him a little extra because of who he is? Even at 1 year, I don't think he was (last year) or will be (next year) a 5 mil goalie. Does he deserve extra money because of what he means to the organization. That's what is debatable.
  21. I sure hope Marty is not just being a prima donna, but I'm also surprised that Lou and Marty were so apart in negotiations that he had to resort to hiring an agent and actually heading to the open market. With the way Marty took a salary reduction to give the team more space to sign players, I figured he and Lou would get a reasonable deal done relatively quietly. I just responded to your post in another thread talking about Marty wanting 2 years at around 5 mil per. If Marty is really asking for that, then his becoming a UFA means one of two things: he's either delusional or seeking attention
  22. I would agree with that. I was just suggesting that perhaps Marty wanted to steal a little of the attention from Zach, to not be put so much on the backburner.
  23. I was actually wondering if maybe that's why Marty went through hiring an agent and acting likes he's going to test the market. Perhaps he's annoyed at not getting the organization's undivided attention.
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