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  1. If you're looking for a big move I doubt you see anything until Zach makes up his mind.
  2. devils26

    Poni to Winnipeg

    TG tweeted a day or two ago that although the Devils showed some initial interest, they never really got serious about negotiating a new deal. You're right that maybe Poni just wanted to leave and nothing could be done to keep him, but it seems like the Devils didn't try hard enough to figure out if that was really the case. Yes, the players on the third line were constantly changing, but any line that included Cam and/or Boulton was the worst on the team.
  3. devils26

    Poni to Winnipeg

    Did you watch this team at all before the playoffs? The fourth line was way worse because it took a year to find the right players. I kind of feel like Poni just got forgotten with the current Parise and Marty drama. If it was only going to take about 1.8mil to sign him, why didn't the Devils show more interest in resigning him? Odd by Lou.
  4. Haha yeah you're right. His comment was pretty random so maybe it is false.
  5. I just figured Kypreos was a reliable source but you're right, that doesn't make it true.
  6. Yea I don't think the comment from Parise/his agent is getting enough play in this thread. If that signing bonus is really a requirement, how much of a chance do we really have? Of course I'm holding out hope, but that comment from the Parise camp really knocked my confidence.
  7. Has anybody heard anything about the 10 AM deadline?
  8. Everybody who talks about the Rags rivalry from out of town always qualifies their statement with this, but seeing and interacting with Rangers fans every day is one of the main things that fuels the rivalry. You can't just take out one of the main parts of the rivalry and then assume that you understand it as well as those who have to live amongst Rags fans. I love all of our out of town posters, but without actually living in the NY/NJ area, it's tough to completely understand why Devils fans hate the Rags so much.
  9. In all honesty, are you 12 years old or just an enormous idiot? Telling people to kill themselves if they have trouble getting over one of the most crushing defeats in the franchise's history? People like you need to just stop posting because you bring nothing but immaturity. I really wanted to let your stupid post go and not respond, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't care if you were kidding, which you probably were, but telling people to kill themselves really exposes you as a true idiot and baby. Please grow up a little bit before you post again.
  10. Wow, TSN really had the '94 clip locked and loaded for this pick. If picking this player was what's best for the team then I guess I support the pick, but it's going to take a bit to bring myself to cheer for him.
  11. Yea, it has got to be the stupidest award given out in all of pro sports. It's on pace with the Most Improved award in Little League.
  12. What is the stupid Lady Byng even based on anymore? Henrique had 7 penalty minutes all year and he finishes 31st? The one fight he had was a result of Iginla being a baby who couldn't deal with being hit.
  13. If the price is right, I would definitely agree that the majority of the team should be back for next year. I still just worry so much about replacing Zach, despite the fact that a guy like Henrique would hopefully step up.
  14. I trust that Lou will make the right moves, as well I just fear that there aren't any moves to make that will be strong enough to replace Zach. What I'm trying to say is that if Zach leaves, is there anything a GM, even a great one like Lou, can do to completely replace him this year?
  15. I thought the first two Shanny skits were funny, but things got a little old and awkward when they tried to do the same type of skit four times. I agree it was the funniest thing they did, but somebody producing the show has got to realize you can't do the same joke four times; I don't know how they thought they were going to get away with that.
  16. It seems like this is how Lou handles most contract negotiations. Obviously I don't know for sure, but I see Lou as the kind of guy who really hates getting in bidding wars for players. He tells the player and his agent the most that he is willing to offer and the player can either take it or leave it. What the other teams offer don't really have any effect on Lou's negotiating. One player for whom this seemed to be the situation was Rafalski, as it felt at the time like Lou could've had Raf if he engaged in a bidding war with the Wings. Of course everything I am saying is just speculation and
  17. Did you tune in tonight? There was a funny skit or two, but besides that you wouldn't have missed much.
  18. It looks like the Rangers and their fans are buying into the classic belief that if you can't beat 'em, hope they move so you don't have to play 'em.
  19. I wouldn't say that's true at all. It's possible that the Wild offer Zach a stupid deal that Lou would have to be crazy to match, regardless of the team's financial situation.
  20. I don't know if you want to add it to the list but the NHL Awards Show is the 20th.
  21. Any team that is apparently willing to offer Zach as much as the Wild are should probably be viewed as a threat.
  22. sh!t man, I just wanted this whole thing to go away. Even though the players have no clue who I am, I genuinely care about them and don't want them to have to be embarrassed of their actions. It's a shame that this will get blown out of proportion.
  23. What about this anonymous potential investor? Do you think he could provide enough cash to get this team to spend up to the cap if necessary?
  24. Why hasn't this thread been deleted yet?
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