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  1. McMullen82's answer is essentially what mine would have been. Zach was particularly nice, signing a bunch of autographs, and he seemed genuinely happy that everyone was there. Marty seemed really appreciative of everyone; he had a pretty big smile on his face and waved to everybody. The ovation for Bernier when he got off the bus was pretty cool. I thought it showed how close the fans felt to the team, how we were all thankful for what he'd done this season and weren't preoccupied with one questionable penalty. Zubie's car was stopped for a while where I was standing and it looked like he couldn't stop himself from laughing. As someone else asked, I didn't see Kovy nor Clarkson either, despite the posted picture of Kovy getting off the bus. Overall, I thought it was a great way to thank the team for what had been a great season.
  2. Why? I hope you're not judging him based on his playoff performance because he was clearly injured.
  3. Great article Tri; you brought up a bunch of really good points. I doubt it, but is there any chance we're keeping this pick to use in a pre-draft trade?
  4. Pretty much. Some of the players waved to the fans, gave high-fives and signed a few autographs, but that was all. I thought it was a really nice way to close the book on what had been an amazing season.
  5. I'm sure some people have already seen it but the Devils posted on Twitter and Facebook about meeting the team at the arena. Both FB and Twitter said to be at the arena at 4 to welcome the team back.
  6. It says here that the Devils left earlier than scheduled and are expected to arrive at 3:53.
  7. But he joined the forum in 2002. Nobody who has been here for that long can troll, regardless of what he says. Edit: Hopefully we haven't seen him in a few days because he has finally been banned. The guy is a clown and it's time we finally realized he's just trying to antagonize people. Hey Matteau, since you started the GDT for Game 7 of the ECF, let me know how that game turned out for you and your Rags you fvckin loser.
  8. If you joined before a certain date it seems like you're above the law on this board.
  9. That's what I was thinking. For a team that is winning we sure give up a lot of leads.
  10. Phaneuf is such a scumbag. Like a sh!tty Pronger.
  11. Taormina fvcked that one up. Doing his best to prove he should be scratched when Foster comes back.
  12. It wasn't just any game; it was the championship game.
  13. I don't know if I'd call it putting all your eggs in one basket. I feel that implies that we only have three good players and they are all on the first line. However, while Kovy, Elias and Parise are certainly our best players, they are not the only ones capable of producing. I agree that Kovy and Parise will be fine without Elias, but they will be even better with him while the other two lines would still be solid (the fourth line still sucks).
  14. These are my feelings as well. I was excited that it would only be a month rather than disappointed it would be that long. I think we may have seen the end of the Parise-Henrique-Kovy line. Elias seems to be playing well between Zach and Kovy so I don't see a reason to put Henrique back there.
  15. I think the last few games finally show that there are no conspiracies against teams, conspiracies that some claim exist. Overall, the refs just suck and things even out in the end.
  16. I guess this means JJ slides up to center the third line and we see a fourth line of Mills centering Boulton and Cam. It's probably the best news we could have hoped for; don't confuse him. caron14, when TG says the x-rays and MRI were negative, he means that no serious damage was found. That is to say that Larsson just has a bruised back rather than any broken bones or torn muscles.
  17. Agreed. The last two games have been two of the Devils' most physical games of the season; the entire team has been in on the checking.
  18. We could try Urbom again but Lou may be hesitant to go that route since it didn't work so well last time. TG reported Larsson's injury as a bruised back which doesn't sound especially serious, so I can't imagine needing to make a trade. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to see Foster back in the lineup getting a regular shift until Larsson gets back, unfortunately.
  19. Tonight is what I like to call a win-win. The Devils won the game and the coaching staff finally benched Foster. Hopefully Larsson is okay so we can scratch Foster.
  20. Yeah, I noticed he took a bit of a beating last game. However, since he was skating on the fourth line in practice, I doubt he aggravated the shoulder. If he were not skating at all then I'd be worried, but that obviously isn't the case.
  21. Agreed, but apparently that line has been broken up. TG reported earlier that Carter and JJ were swapped in today's practice. http://blogs.northjersey.com/blogs/fireice/elas_salvador_henrique_missing_from_devils_practice_today/
  22. devils26


    I was just looking for that exact clip, as it's the one moment of his that really sticks out in my mind. Good find.
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