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  1. The PP struggles are because nobody is moving; everyone just stands around waiting for something to happen. That's why Elias is stuck on the boards with no options. Kovy will rarely, if ever, score on the one-timer when everyone in the entire building knows that one is coming. He just stands there waiting and waiting and waiting until Foster decides it's time to send over a sh!tty pass that will be one-timed right into the goalie's stomach. I absolutely mind Foster because he is terrible in the defensive zone and I'd rather see him sit. However, we don't really have another option until Greene
  2. Good catch; I forgot to mention that. And I agree that the PP is awful. It's just so stagnant. Parise stands at the side of the net waiting, and when he gets the puck he tries to push it through the goalie which never works. Kovalchuk just stands at the top of the circle waiting for a one-timer which never goes in because the goalie is expecting it and has a clear view of the shot. Foster just stands in the center of the ice waiting to give the puck to Kovalchuk. When Elias gets the puck on the half-boards he can't create any offense because nobody is in a position to score. We need to get som
  3. We win this game 1-0 if not for Foster and special teams. Foster just flat-out sucks and the first goal was all his fault. He left his man all alone in the slot, the man who received the pass from behind the net and put it in. I don't want to hear how Foster helps the PP because his d-zone coverage is so bad that it outdoes any positive effect he has on the team. Speaking of the PP, that sucked today along with our penalty kill. When you lose the special teams battle 2-0, you usually don't win games. Take out Foster's sh!tty play and the PP goals and the Devils are up 1-0.
  4. Do you have any of the quotes from other teams about Foster's shot? I'm just curious to see in what context they spoke about Foster. I agree that Tao won't get a shot on the first PP unit this year because the coaching staff seems to love Foster. However, if Foster gets hurt, I don't get the reluctance to put a rookie on the PP. Tao has shown himself to be better with the man advantage than Greene, so Fayne could be moved to the first unit and Tao to the second.
  5. I don't really think Foster has improved our PP; I just think that with all the skill on the first PP unit, it was only a matter of time until things improved. That's to say that I feel as if the recent PP improvements are more attributable to our forwards improving (including Kovy) than to Foster arriving. As it stands, Tao will never have a chance to prove himself on the PP because he doesn't play on it; Foster plays the first unit and Fayne the second. I think Tao proved his ability to QB a PP earlier in the year and in the preseason.
  6. With Tao playing, we need to take advantage of his ability to QB a PP. I don't get why the team is so in love with Foster on the first unit.
  7. They did it again. Now I feel even more letdown then before.
  8. The Devils seem to do this often. Give me just enough hope so that I start to believe a comeback is possible, and then let me down.
  9. Hopefully we can keep up the pressure to go into tomorrow night's game on a positive note.
  10. It was about the first 11 minutes. The penalty calls were marginal at best, and obviously it never looks good when on the PK. But it was a very good period for the Devils at even strength (obviously we suck on the PP).
  11. Come on, that's not true. Before the SHG, the Devils were dominating.
  12. When you don't show up for an entire period, you deserve to lose.
  13. At this point, it's not fair to put Janssen and Boulton in the same sentence. Really, it's not even fair to put Janssen and any NHL'er in the same sentence. Cam has been beyond awful; he looks absolutely clueless on the ice 100% of the time. On the other hand, Boulton is at least passable as a 4th liner, especially in the absence of Zajac and Josefson.
  14. When Pronger was back on the Ducks I remember him clotheslining Parise at the end of a game when Zach wasn't even looking. I've disliked him ever since.
  15. Urbom just looks like he underestimates the speed of NHL forwards. He's a decent skater and his positioning hasn't been bad, so perhaps people are seeing the potential in his game.
  16. We were outshot pretty badly at even strength so I guess it's good to sneak out of TB with the win.
  17. Three penalty killers in the same corner...terrible.
  18. No you're definitely right; we were extremely lucky to get out of that period up 3.
  19. Don't forget that 10 of those TB shots came on the PP, so that number is kind of deceiving.
  20. Including tonight, 1 game.
  21. At least Pierre realizes the Devils don't play the trap anymore, and haven't done so for a while.
  22. Haha, fair enough. I was just hoping we could keep up what was going right in the first 5 minutes, but not with this team.
  23. Well the turnovers and terrible defensive coverage are back.
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