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  1. 45 minutes ago, Fansinz88 said:

    How can they report Meier is on his way and then almost 4 hours later say the deal isn’t done??? Ridiculous. 


    42 minutes ago, Fansinz88 said:

    That’s pathetic. Watch this fall through while the rangers hold the hawks roster hostage. 

    You can go back and edit your posts now. 

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Fansinz88 said:

    That’s pathetic. Watch this fall through while the rangers hold the hawks roster hostage. 

    You're being dramatic.

    20 minutes ago, Nicomo said:



    This is him saying calm down. Let's figure it out. 

    16 minutes ago, Fansinz88 said:

    I’m allowed to write  my thoughts without being told to stop or they are wrong by you.

    Still being dramatic. Do you need a safe space?

    15 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

    Would “please stop” have worked better for you? I swear, some of you are so damn negative idk how you get through the day. 


    13 minutes ago, 2ELIAS6 said:

    Everyone is friends here, let’s all take it easy and not get bitchy 

    Exactly. But still let's have some tougher skin too. It's a public forum.

    12 minutes ago, Fansinz88 said:


    How about say nothing it’s my thoughts and they don’t affect you. People write stuff all the time I don’t agree with and I don’t tell them to stop. 

    It's a public forum. People are going to comment positively or negatively. If you can't take criticism even in it's most basic form...think about that and assess yourself. 

    9 minutes ago, Nicomo said:


    Ok guy, you were right, it’s “pathetic” and is clearly all falling apart. :rolleyes:


    8 minutes ago, Fansinz88 said:

    Thanks comment police. 

    More drama. 


    Listen. I don't know pretty much any of you. I stopped posting here years ago cause of the drama. I came to read a thread about Timo. That said, my comments are above on how I took the interaction. Some y'all need some thicker skin or get off the interwebz if you get your panties in a bunch about "Stop". 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Satans Hockey said:

    Good to hear that she's doing well, I dvred the game to check out the coverage when I get home from the game. Virtually anyone but that tool bag Arda Ocal would have been an upgrade over Deb.

    She's an awesome upgrade over Deb from what we see so far. Not just looks wise but well spoken and seems knowledgeable so far. 

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  4. I took off today and tomorrow haha! I'll be there for the first time in 3 years (lifes been hectic) and better yet in a suite thanks to some really awesome friends. We're looking to get there by 5pm. Come out with a win and this will be one of the most memorable games if not the most for me. Brodeur retirement in a suite is gonne be sweet. 

    Anyone know how much beer is in suites and what size they are? Coors Light obviously.

  5. Btw kudos to the Devils on the new programs. They are free and hand them out when you walk in. It just has the rosters and some news & notes but it's a nice addition compared to paying for the programs.


    Wow that's awesome, I always thought it was total bullsh!t that teams of all sports charged for programs. Very cool they have the basics given out for free! Thanks for the info.

  6. I just wanted to say this is the second time I've made a deal with SeanMac and both times he went out of his way to make the transaction as smooth and quick as possible. Anyone interested in anything he has, do not hesitate to contact him, make an offer. 100% trusted guy. Thanks again SeanMac. I hope I get the chance to do a deal with you again!

  7. You can now play sports bingo while watching the game. You can choose up to 5 random things to put on your card (shaded in light red are my selections) and the rest are random. You can win various prizes for getting Bingo. Kind of thought it would be fun to try. Here's my card and the link if you wanna try yourself.






    :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid: Let's Go Devils!!! :koolaid:  :koolaid:  :koolaid: 

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