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  1. HAHA Thanks...I actually went pretty tame compared to how I usually do them but wanted to do it quick before I left to pick up my daughter.
  2. Thanks for the info Tri, I had to run out but was going to look for lines when I got back. I'll add it to OP.
  3. Who: Where: When: Do what now? Let's Go Devils! Devils lines per Triumph per TG:
  4. LOL this is true. Now, what if this is just a precursor to him actually liking Barclay's Center better then The Rock. Let the "Kovy to the Isle's" rumors begin!
  5. Kovy is coming back, maybe not this season...but he is coming back. Accept it.
  6. I literally spent 3 seconds on this...but...
  7. As if the picture isn't funny enough, these make it that much more awesome!
  8. I'm going to assume that either a friend or teammate saw his phone laying around and tweeted that. More then likely the most plausible scenario.
  9. Yup, such a second class operation we got going here.
  10. Thanks for the update Satans. I remember the first game my wife an I attended when we started dating was a Valentines day game in a snow storm. One of the most fun I've had at a Devils game. No concession lines was also good
  11. Have you called them and asked about some sort of compensation or alternate game tickets? Or are you just assuming they're a$$holes and don't care thus calling them a second class organization without even finding out what options you have...
  12. Never said it was a hard a fast rule, you are correct it's the general guideline. IDK why the Flyers cancelled their game except the fact that, that area is also expecting 4+ inches more of snow then Newark is.
  13. I'm not going to argue over opinions. It's not cancelled...nor should it be in these conditions. It's not snowing over an inch an hour. Now, if someone has tickets to the game and can not make it due to the conditions, and the Devils are unwilling to accommodate in some way, then there's a valid conversation or argument to be had. Saying or insinuating the Devils are bush league to not cancel the game is just bitching for the sake of finding something to bitch about.
  14. I'm really confused by all the comments like these. There's been games played where the road conditions have been WAY worse then they are today, and snow falling MUCH heavier. I guess since the team isn't playing to our wonderful fanbase's standards this year it's just time to bitch and moan about everything possible. Point has ALWAYS been, if both teams can get there, the officials can get there, the game will be played. It's never been different then any other year.
  15. OOOH I may have HD! I'll check 460 in a few mins! Thanks!
  16. Morris County Cablevision Channel 66...ya know, the overflow's overflow channel C-SPAN 2. P.S. Game doesn't start till 8pm for those that didn't know. I was really confused 24 minutes ago looking everywhere for the game. Finally found out it wasn't for another hour and on the oddest channel I've ever seen.
  17. Rich Chere ‏@Ledger_NJDevils2m Cory Schneider vs. Habs tonight
  18. VS BREAKING NEWS!!! The New Jersey Devils have been predicted by many sources to finish last this season. SHOCKER. Devils Predicted Lines: No real order. Clowe-Elias-Brunner Henrique-Zajac-Jagr Zubrus-Loktionov-Ryder Carter-Gionta-Bernier Salvador-Zidlicky Greene-Larsson Volchenkov-Harrold Schneider Brodeur Penguins Predicted Lines: No real order. -- -- -- - - At least according to the NHL. On that note. Let's go Devils! Big year from Larsson! I would love to see this type of check from Zajac in the opener! And as always, I'm sure we'll see this at some point and time...
  19. How about at least post the link to the article instead of some demeaning vague comment. http://www.kens5.com/news/I-wouldve-put-a-bullet-between-your-eyes-SA-father-says-Rampage-hockey-player-broke-in-home-197171411.html Ok, it does sound kinda bad but he was overly intoxicated and I'm sure almost everyone here has done something equally as stupid in their life. I know I have and it doesn't make me a psychopath...
  20. Just got back from it a little bit ago. This year they had a bunch of other things going on besides Devils Day and the place was obscenely packed. Still had a good time and hung out with NJ and Driver for a bit along with some freebies. NJ always goes out of his way to hang out with and do stuff for my son which is always hugely appreciated.
  21. Booo I just saw this. Maybe next year. Great thing for you to do Colin!
  22. WOOOO!!!! http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=53991#.Ujd9ccbUkrV Also yes, Todd is a very good sports writer. It's amazing how young he really is. Man deserves mad props!
  23. Jagr is notorious for the back jersey tuck. One of the things that always annoyed the crap outta me. Good to see he won't be doing it to the Devils jersey. Honest question...why does it matter if a player tucks their jersey?
  24. One of the main reasons I'm so happy this game is on TV tonight and that he's in the lineup. I'm really excited to see what he can bring.
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