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  1. I don't even post here anymore but this is unbelievable. The only drama exists in this thread. Zach is doing absolutely nothing wrong and will have done nothing wrong regardless of where he signs.
  2. don't worry guys, there must be some sabermetric statistic that is going to prove that we will win the next two games.
  3. Hey, so, I have a chunk of money that I don't foresee needing in the next year or two, but it's sitting in a savings account that has a low interest rate. what's the best/easiest place to put this money for short term (year or two) that has a decent return? Thanks!
  4. is it possible that every other GM would refuse to take any of our players and we couldn't shed the salary?
  5. assuming it's as simple as the nhlpa accepting or rejecting that offer, how could they not accept it? either way, these types of deals are going to be rejected by the nhl in the future.
  6. if he'd sign for 1 MM just put him on defense.
  7. the romantic notion that a player would take less money to play for the home team instead of going elsewhere for more money and/or a better shot of winning the cup is silly. sure it happens sometimes, but it shouldn't really be expected.
  8. what exactly did he do that would cause you to be bitter towards him
  9. When I have time I'll write some thoughts. But considering I watched the show for the mythology, not the characters, I was not happy. A coherent storyline was the very least that I was expecting, and we didn't get that either.
  10. you're about three years late to the party.
  11. so the 'rumor' is some guy thinking it might be a good idea.
  12. 3rd year in a row that this thread is relevant. Lemaire clearly needs to go. Lou said he is keeping him. Therefore the only way to get rid of Lemaire would be to get rid of Lou. It also seems pretty clear that our only shot at re-signing Kovie would be if Lemaire goes. No explosive player would want to play in this mess.
  13. Marty gave up a bad goal in a game where we weren't even close to scoring for about 50 minutes of the game, and this was after multiple fantastic stops. He singlehandedly almost won the previous game and has otherwise been stellar in the series. Blaming him is asinine. If we had any other reasonable goalie in for this series, we would have been swept and every game would have been a blowout.
  14. yeah and then someone who will remain unnamed comes in and uses sabermetrics to explain how Lou isn't the problem, and everyone believes him
  15. we need a real center and a solid defenseman first and foremost.
  16. you can't possibly believe that Lou isn't first and foremost to blame for this. and this is with zubrus actually playing well!
  17. We're getting the meal plan, so price isn't an issue. We still have a few months, but would like to make reservations asap. Post your favorite restaurants! Thanks
  18. great, thanks. game is at 7:30, so the practice will be when...around 6:45?
  19. I know they allow this during the regular season, but how about the playoffs? I can't remember. Thanks!
  20. I make this thread every year and every year Triumph uses his sabermetrics to prove that he's right and I'm wrong but then look at how we've faired in the playoffs the past few seasons so...
  21. Marty wasn't outstanding this season but he has probably two more seasons under his belt where he can keep the Devils competitive. There's absolutely no reason to trade a top 3 forward for a guy that will be a backup for at least two years. I don't think Price's value will ever be higher than 'top 3 forward' anyway, so why trade for him now?
  22. I've been trying to get into cooking recently. Post your favorite recipes and new ones that you're trying! Pictures encouraged I want to try this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Cranberry-Oatmeal-Cookies-2/Detail.aspx
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