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Will Devils resign Doc Emerick?

Guest BelieveinBrodeur

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I know I'm in the minority here, but I think Cangialosi is actually quite good and I probably don't like Doc as much as you all. Cangialosi doesn't have the chemistry with Chico that Doc has, but that can be developed.

It's not my money and I don't know what he's looking to get, but I'd seriously consider letting Doc walk, especially since he spends so much time working with Versus/NBC.

Cangialosi and the word "Skaaaaaaaorre"...are you serious? Matt Loughlin is no better. Bring back Mike Miller or Gary Thorne...

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I am pretty sure the Devils handle everything in regards to THEIR talent. Yes, the Dolan's pay the Devils for the rights to air their games, but the have no say on on-air talent.

I think Doc is probably ready for a change and calling games for Pittsburg probably is more favorable as it will mean less travel for national games next year.

I will miss him a lot, but I understand if he goes to Pittsburgh.

MSG produces, not the Devils. MSG talent that does Rangers games does Devils games does Islanders game, they do a weekly show including people who do the team broadcasts. And Dolan owns the channel. Dolan pays them.

That's why Cangelosi does the games, he's an MSG talent who's done various things for them.

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one of my friends was at red bulls game and saw cangi there and he asked him if he knew what doc was doing. and he said from what cangi said that doc will be staying just for heads up. but still time to see if true.

e4 or e5? Was this directly through the Continental Airlines security guard?

I keed I keed.

But seriously, I hope Doc stays. It would be really upsetting if he didn't. Canger-sore is fine, I guess... I just don't know if I can put up with "SHAWT SCARRRRR" 82 games a year :/

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I love listening to Doc call a game. To me, a hockey game isn't a hockey game unless he calls it. Would hate to see him leave.


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I love Doc with Chico -- he just is a little more at ease. They both seem like the kindest men on earth - which crazily gives Doc some space to let his wry wit shine. It's almost like he can't do that with other guys because their boundaries are just so much further out.

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