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One Game to decide one of most entertaining finals


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Best description of tonights game: "One final game to decide who will lift the Stanley Cup, one game to decide the winner of one of the oddest, most contentious, culturally fascinating and entertaining finals in N.H.L. history."


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Yeah, the crap being bandied around about what a great Finals this has been is just that- crap. The games in Boston have been borderline unwatchable at times.

Well, almost any seven-game series is going to be called 'great' by rote but this hasn't been a great series. It's been decent, but only half the games have been close and two of them were 1-0, with less than twenty seconds of OT play. Either way, like 99% of the time I can't call any series great where the winner's determined by what arena the game's played in (and I don't think tonight breaks the mold).

everything's been good except the games themselves. there's been one lead change in the series.

Well half the games have been very good and half have been god-awful, ergo a decent series on the whole after you add in the fact it did go seven games and with the off and on-ice shenanigans adding color.

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I agree. The storylines are great, but most of the games have been pretty bleh.

I also have a similar view on this series. Then again maybe its just because I'm so into baseball I've only been watching on commercials so by the time I get to tune in its normally been a blow out for any of the games in Boston. I'm really hoping that Game 7 can be a close game till the end...as a Yankee fan pulling for the Canucks to defeat Boston.

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