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Nashville Pred's New Logos


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The "NP" logo on the bottom left was already leaked via a mask designed for Pekka Rinne
The SECONDARY LOGO. This will replace the skull shoulder patch on the current sweaters. The idea is, obviously, the three stars of the Tennessee flag and a guitar pick-shaped outer design. Pretty awesome.

The ABBREVIATED MARK logo. This will not only be seen on Pekke Rinne's new mask but also on the pant legs of all Preds next season.

The WORD MARK is just the "Nashville Predators" written out with the same color scheme as the logo (obviously) and with a slight font change.

The PRIMARY LOGO is pretty self explanatory. It's the same basic logo but without all of the random colors in the original. This one is down to three. The indigo blue (?), the gold and the white. Nothing more.

So, essentially, it's a little cheaper to produce, too. More from the Predators on the guitar pick logo:

In addition to the team logo, the Preds also unveiled a new secondary logo designed to represent the Tennessee state flag and Nashville's music city heritage. The guitar pick shape recognizes the Music City heritage and influence, while the three stars signify the East, Middle and Western parts of the state in similar shape and design as the state flag.

Puck Daddy

I personally have always been a fan of Nashville's logo's and team colors. They always just seemed clean and crisp. Itll be interesting to see what they decide to do. I just dont want it to turn into another Buffalo sabres situation. Their original logo was badass and I loved the team colors.

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They should really go with the Third jerseys as their permanent home jersey and the opposite color scheme for the away jerseys. Their jersey colors are alright as they stand right now but the silver is too much IMO.

Boy they are really looking to cut costs on jerseys. They already print instead of sew the names on the name bars.

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I really like it. I always thought the Preds had a great logo but it became kind of a mish-mash of colors when viewed from a far. A logo should be distinguishable from close up and far away, at least in my opinion. This revamp actually kind of reminds me of what the Lightning did only better. Yes i know the Lightning completely revamped their logo and reduced their color palette too but i think the Preds revamp works better. They kept all that was important and got rid of all that wasn't necessary. I am actually quite excited to see their new jerseys too. Lets just hope its not just another blue jersey with a circle logo like Pens, Jackets, Panthers, etc. or a copy of the Sabres 'New/Old' jersey.

And that secondary logo with the guitar pic is quite clever.

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I don't mind it. I'm not a big fan of messing with the team's identity as a way to suck more money out of the fans, but hopefully their new uniforms look more like hockey jerseys rather than the crap they are wearing now, although their current third jersey is pretty good in my opinion. I liked the old logo but the new one is cool too, got rid of all the extra shading and stuff.

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I already liked the original logo/colors they had but I absolutely love the fact that the secondary logo is honoring the music heritage and culture of the city as well as having the three stars from the state flag to represent the entire state. Nashville is my favorite place I've been to in my life so its nice to see them upgrade from an already good uniform.

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Preds new design looks awesome. I love the guitar pick patch especially.

As for NJ getting an alternate jersey, while it'd be interesting (I'd buy one if they made an alternate), I don't think we need one considering we have the vintage ones. But I would like to see NJ's state flag added onto the current jersey as shoulder patches.

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But I would like to see NJ's state flag added onto the current jersey as shoulder patches.

I don't mind logos designed with state flags or elements in mind as long as it meshes in place with the team logo/colors/design. I think it's a mistake to go the route the Flames did on their shoulder patches and i am happy this sort of thing was not copycatted.

I wouldn't mind a secondary logo on the shoulders of the Devils uniforms or some minor tweaking of the uniform set (lace up neck would look good, IMO). I think it's high time to add some color/trim to the pants, too.

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