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All-Purpose Off-Season NHL UFA RUMOR & TRADE Thread


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wyshynski Greg Wyshynski

Going from "get me a No. 1 goalie" to "blow up the [expletive] team" would be the greatest mis-communication b/w an owner and GM ev-uh.

GMillerTSN Gord Miller

by IllegalCurve

Done deal, and it's a blockbuster. Phi trades captain Mike Richards to LA for Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds.

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Unless they are freeing up cap room to run at brad richards... who knows. i can't see them trading away two players such as richards and carter and not get someone that will make an immediate impact next season.

would be the most confusing switch ever. give richards the same number and see if anyone catches on.

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I'm laughing for two main reasons:

1. Flyers fans are probably losing their sh!t right now, which is hilarious. Stroll over to Hfboards, it's hysterical

2. Kings fans anointed schenn as the next coming of Jesus Christ, so they're probably not going to be happy he's gone. More funny reading!

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Let me fill in for Manta here:

"This is a great deal for Philly. They get two great players and are definitely going to have an 82-0 season like those commercials and are going to sweep their way to the finals."

Forgot the P.S.: Kovy is the worstest

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