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All-Purpose Off-Season NHL UFA RUMOR & TRADE Thread


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So I guess I haven't read this thread in a while --

Here's the thing with the trying out of veterans --- our coaching staff is stocked with the best vets on the planet. I think having half-assed vets on the team takes away from asst coach voices. Our coaching staff is too stupid to know they have this amazing gift most players don't have - I'm talking Robinson as much as anyone here. So they keep a little distance trying to let guys find their voice -- not realizing Dude -- they have NO VOICE. YOU DO so you have to butt in because it really IS your job.

No one steps up on the Devils - even Larianov who should have lead a little just sat back threw in a little something here or there tossed a valuable bone to one guy or maybe two --- Holik -- dude can't lead, that's settled now - he can just sit back and take pot shots. Vets don't step up as the organization would expect them to - too wussy - too modest too whatever.

It would be nice if someone steps up and leads this year I must say. I'm not convinced that message has really come across with the purge...

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per RealKyper and some other french reports

Doughty rejected multi offers including 9 yrs/61.2M. The 6.8 aav would have matched Kopitar's as #Kings highest

mmm i wonder whats up... i mean i cant see why he wouldnt want to stay there, they have a very bright future so im not gonna jump on the "he wants to get out of there" wagon but yeah... i dont know...

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Just caught this on Twitter:

RANGER-LOGO.CMYK-2_normal.jpg@thenyrangersNew York Rangers ALERT: the #NYR will announce who their new captain is tomorrow along with their two alternates!! spread the word #NYRcaptain

Anyone care to venture a guess? I would have to say Callahan, with Dubinsky and Gaborik as A's.

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