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All-Purpose Off-Season NHL UFA RUMOR & TRADE Thread

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eh, I suppose, assuming he'll go that low. I imagined he'd be interested in around 3. Thinking about it, he probably won't sign for very much given that he's still on the market. It's just that something tells me he has gotten a bit washed up, although I'm not sure how true that is.

If he can get his production anywhere near the way it was a couple years ago, it would make sense. He'll be under DeBoer, and maybe he could even act as a temporary mentor for Larsson to show him the ropes. I'd go for a 2 year deal at around the salary you listed if that were a possibility. I think that would be alright for the team actually, even though it somewhat contradicts shipping out White for the young D core.

This post has gone from anti-McCabe to pro-McCabe within a couple of sentences, but I think it actually isn't a very bad idea. All speculation of course, haha.

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McCabe certainly won't sniff anything more than 1.25m/1 year. We have cap space this year to fit him, i wouldn't be upset in the least if we did.

yeah, if you want a totally one (and not even a very good) dimensional player. This guy isnt better than Volchenkov, Tallinder, Greene or Fayne. Probably not better than Taormina and I dont want him blocking someone like Larsson or Urbom

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our defense may be average but its going to be hard to beat the devils when the offensive unit is so deep with speed, experience, and youth...




I think we'll see Elias centering Parise and Zubrus. JJ and Teds playing on that 3rd line. People have been saying our offense will be hard to beat or it will be good since we started a season with Kovalchuk in the line-up. I'm going to hold my tongue until I see dominate offense game in and game out.

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So I guess I haven't read this thread in a while --

Here's the thing with the trying out of veterans --- our coaching staff is stocked with the best vets on the planet. I think having half-assed vets on the team takes away from asst coach voices. Our coaching staff is too stupid to know they have this amazing gift most players don't have - I'm talking Robinson as much as anyone here. So they keep a little distance trying to let guys find their voice -- not realizing Dude -- they have NO VOICE. YOU DO so you have to butt in because it really IS your job.

No one steps up on the Devils - even Larianov who should have lead a little just sat back threw in a little something here or there tossed a valuable bone to one guy or maybe two --- Holik -- dude can't lead, that's settled now - he can just sit back and take pot shots. Vets don't step up as the organization would expect them to - too wussy - too modest too whatever.

It would be nice if someone steps up and leads this year I must say. I'm not convinced that message has really come across with the purge...

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Hmm. Calling it the F'n Center could rival The Rock for coolest arena nickname. We've got competition, boys and girls.

My FAVORITE quote from a friend of mine on Twitter today:

I told you we'd get an F'n Center!!!! Too bad its the wrong goddamn kind!
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