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Listening to TSN radio getting ready for tonight, current discussion:

Since Burke could not make the deal for Richards or Carter, the new focus for Toronto is

"Zack Parise who is unhappy now in NJ and looking for a long term deal, he very well could be on the trade block as it doesn't look like he is signing in NJ a year after arbitration."

Love Toronto show hosts just the desperate shock value.

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Im so glad the NHL draft isnt like the NBA's. The NBA has the deputy commish come out and read who got picked. In the NHL, we see the management come on stage, say a few words, select the player who then comes on stage and dons the jersey...just so much more dramatic.

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my prediction is a swedish guy with a last name starting with an L

I see what you did there :uni:

But 'officially', I say the Devils should go for Landeskog.

Teddy - Josefson - Landeskog


Plus this was kinda cool:

My Landeskog has a friend rooting for him to be a Devil

"'He was hoping for it, but we’ll see,' Landeskog said. 'I talked to (Devils GM) Lou Lamoriello and he said Josefson told (him) only good things about me and that I owe (Josefson) a lunch when I get back home to Sweden. So, it would be great to be drafted (by the Devils) for sure and to have Jacob who is a good friend there.'"

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Not sure if you were being sarcastic or not, but that will always be my favorite cup. They had no business winning it on paper.

Why would I be sarcastic? That series put the Devils on the map and had the greatest cast of characters and grit than any other Championship team ever. Complete underdogs and the hard working group who refused to lose.

Loved that team. McKay, Peluso, Holik= the crashline was unlike any other line to that point.

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