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Why would I be sarcastic? That series put the Devils on the map and had the greatest cast of characters and grit than any other Championship team ever. Complete underdogs and the hard working group who refused to lose.

Loved that team. McKay, Peluso, Holik= the crashline was unlike any other line to that point.

Agreed on all points. My 1995 Peluso replica is my prized jersey, especially since he signed it last year.

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Does anybody remember how much time teams get for their pick? I'm blanking.

I feel like I want to say 7 min but I dont know for sure. It takes usually like 10-15 to get to the next pick because of the time it takes the player to make his way up to the stage ontop of the time it takes the GM's and whatnot to make their choice. Also keep in mind Bettman has to hobble up to the stage also with his big fake grin.

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Don't forget that the pick has to talk to an interviewer about how great it is to be drafted by Edmonton or NYI

It's gotta be an interesting dynamic. On the one hand, it's an amazing honor to be drafted 1st-5th overall. But, on the other hand, you know that you're being drafted by the worst teams in the league (in theory, the Devils this year & Boston last year being recent exceptions).

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Any bets on what Winnipeg is going to announce as the franchise name tonight?

According to multiple sources, the newly-located WInnipeg NHL franchise will announce their new team name prior to making their first round selection, seventh overall during Friday's draft.

The sentimental choice amongst fans is the "Jets", however nicknames such as the Manitoba Moose and Winnipeg Falcons are also in the running.

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