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Highlighting the BEST quotes from HFBoards on our Pick..


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From HFBoards draft thread. Just thought you might enjoy some perspective of other fans.

There is soooo much wrong with Larsson going to the Devils. One bad year amongst over a dozen and you could get a franchise defenseman. Lucky ********!

The freakin Devils can get Larsson. Unreal!

wow Larsson for the Devils. Thats sick.

lou is gonna have a heart attack running up to the podium to select larsson

****ing Devils, how do they work

Devils have won two lotteries. On draft drawing night and now on draft night getting Adam Larsson

Leave it to LOU to steal the BPA in the draft and steal the only player that you could definitely put FRANCHISE next to his name.

Devils are going to have another Nidermyer in their hands...... Just amazing.

so devils with their hard work, and epic almost comeback, get rewarded by the hockey gods with who I believe should have been the #1 pick.

I hate the Devils. I absolutely hate these ****ers! You guys are too ****ing lucky!!!

Absolute steal for New Jersey.

Lou's awesome. Larsson's awesome. Damn you, Devils.

highway robbery , NJ is lucky twice - Lou is classy to congratulate my Bruins

Wow, Devils with Larsson. And here begins another 10+ year playoff streak...

Good job, low level teams. You just let the freaking Devils get Adam Larsson. HOW?

Steal by the Devils. I bet umpa-lumpa Lamouriello is feeling like a bandit right now.

why the **** would you take Huberdeau over Larsson... the Panthers deserve to suck for the next 10 years.

I'm feeling pretty good about this pick. LETS GO DEVILS!!!!


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It just goes to show how much respectful hatred is out there for the Devils because of our consistency, and I love it!

Haha, "respectful hatred", I like that. :lol: Honestly though, there are some teams hated way more than the Devils right now (Penguins come to mind). Reading the comments after we won the lottery and now with Larsson, I sense some respect from those other teams' fans, they sort of give us credit for giving it a push late in the season and not tanking.

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