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Rangers to buy out Chris Drury today

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The buyout ending Chris Drury's career as a Ranger will become official today, The Post has learned.

The 34-year-old who played four seasons on Broadway, the last three of them as team captain, will become an unrestricted free agent after deciding against applying for a medical exception due to a left knee condition.

It is believed Drury, who would have received the full $5 million due for the final season of his five-year, $35.25 million contract had he been declared medically unable to perform as opposed to the $3.333 million he will collect on the buyout, will seek to continue his career, perhaps in Buffalo, from whence he came on July 1, 2007.

Knew it was coming, but today it will be official. Drury is classy about it.

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So 7.5m for almost a .6 ppg.

Oh, don't let me forget the 'intangibles'. That probably balances it out then

Here's hoping Sather runs that organization into the ground for many years to come! :cheers:

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I hope Buffalo essentially gives him the bird.

I feel like it'd be comparable to Gomez hoping to come back to NJ if he were to be bought out of his current contract

Buffalo, for the most part, would riot if Pegula allowed Regier to sign Drury. A few weeks ago, Jeremy White of WGR550 did an editorial that was phenomenal about why they should stay away from their ex-co-captain.

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