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Devils Name Peter DeBoer New Head Coach


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How soon will there be a team meeting held to kinda introduce DeBoer as their new coach to the players that are currently on the roster or in the system atleast? Or will this wait until camp?

when was this? didn't hear it.

4:50 in the clip that Colin posted up. :cheers:

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4:50 in the clip that Colin posted up. :cheers:

Of course (N)Єverson was ticked his 'rumor' didn't come to fruition...it is a fair question though, but the snarky way he asked it deserved a snarky response back :lol: Probably one that'll be ignored now since most of us like the choice but there really is no reason this had to take three months.

What's his relationship with Sutter? If they talk at all and he forms an opinion off of it, I would think he would not think remarkably highly of Brian Rolston.

Oh they're good friends, check out insanity's post from earlier in the thread, they were talking about the Devils job over beers a couple months ago...so yeah Rolston's 'omission' might be intentional :P

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Of course (N)Єverson was ticked his 'rumor' didn't come to fruition...it is a fair question though, but the snarky way he asked it deserved a snarky response back :lol: ...

Notice how DeBoer takes a sip of water and looks over at Lou to see how he handles it.

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What a nice bit of news to wake up to :)

Now we have everything sorted out (draft, signed draftee to contract, traded a player, signed some RFA's and low end UFA's, and hired a head coach), we need to lock up Parise long term. This should be the only priority.

Get it done Lou!

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I love the outlook of this new season. RFAs really don't worry me very much because Parise is going to be a Devil this year, unless some arbitrator totally screws us to a wall with some ridiculous award. How bad could that award be if it goes to arbitration?

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I have a feeling Lamoreillo and Parise had some light talks till now from what I read in TG's article.

Parise said the talks with the Devils “haven’t really gotten that far” as far as discussing similarly front-loaded deals with significant signing bonuses.

I think Lou was working on trade, resigning RFA and hiring a new coach and at the same time having some little talks to see what Parise and his agent were targeting in term of years and money before beginning serious talks with Parise because from that quote it seems that Lou didn't really put anything on the table yet.

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From the NY Post:


"You can go through the National Hockey League and there are people who stick out and people who don't. When he came out of junior, he was the most sought-after junior coach. What he went through there made him a better coach. And I felt that way in the conversations we had -- the questions that were asked, the answers that were given and also what he offered. Open, down-to-earth and honest."

Lamoriello said he wants stability, but only through winning.

"Stability brings winning," Lamoriello said. "When you're not winning, what good does it do? I don't apologize for that."

Lamoriello also put the onus on DeBoer to get the best out of the Devils' star forwards.

"Coaches have to adjust to teams. Teams don't adjust to coaches," Lamoriello said. "The talent you have, you have to maximize and that's a very important factor."

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From the Newark Star Ledger:


Compared to the press conference for John MacLean in June 2010, not to mention the showcasing of Ilya Kovalchuk when he signed his initial contract with the Devils last July, the turnout for DeBoer’s introduction was shockingly small. Neither players nor owner Jeff Vanderbeek attended.

“Actually, I had lunch with the owner, so I did have an opportunity to speak with him,” DeBoer said. “The players, as long as they’re in the gym somewhere or on the ice somewhere, I’d rather have that than have them sitting here watching.”

There will be no grace period with the Devils.

“You’re in this league and this job to win and to play in the playoffs,” DeBoer explained. “Up until the last three years I’d never missed the playoffs in my coaching career. That’s something very attractive about this opportunity. This is a team that perennially is in the playoffs and should have a chance to win.”

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I'm glad it's not Jacques (though I never really thought it would be)...thought the Devils pumped that well dry last season.

He came across well in the clips posted here, for whatever that's worth. At least we'll be hearing a lot less "you knows" in the post-game interviews this season.

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Typical article from (N)Єverson. Tabbing DeBoer as a complete surprise pick worthy of skepticism because it wasn't the "slam dunk" choice of Therrien he had predicted; undermining DeBoer's credentials by playing up the missed playoffs goof made by Lou; refer to Lemaire's re-retirement as the stumbling block in the hiring process, and that Lou really wanted Jacques back.

All that's missing is the Rangers/Messier reference, and it's basically the same article I sketched out for (N)Єverson in yesterday's thread. Good job, Mark.

re: players not being there, didn't DeBoer only find out he was going to be the coach yesterday morning? That's when the press conference was announced. I'm sure the players knew better than to stick around in the NJ area waiting for a coach to be named; they would have gotten as impatient as message board posters.

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Interesting to read the articles that came out about DeBoer once he was fired from the Panthers this past season. There seemed to be a few recurring themes:

1) Difficult to be successful given his roster

2) New GM (Tallon) wanted to set things up "his way" and clean house - as we've seen carry over with the players, too

3) DeBoer might have throttled back his expectations given his roster, all the trades & (lacking) returns around the deadline, and Tallon's presence

Weird component that came up from blogs and articles:

1) Perception that DeBoer doesn't like to play "tough guys" and would rather bench 'em.

My take on that: given the "tough guy" options DeBoer had the past 3 seasons, it's no wonder he could have picked up that tag. Yet he did play Darcy Hordichuk for 64 games last season, so I don't think this one holds a lot of weight.

Possibly concerning issues:

1) DeBoer doesn't know how to handle NHL players since he was used to juniors.

Counterpoint: DeBoer himself said he's a better coach "now" (meaning when he was fired) than 3 years earlier. I'm sure he went through a learning curve just like Sutter, since million-dollar athletes ain't quite the same as young men playing hockey.

2) DeBoer's brand of hockey "wore" on the players.

Counterpoint: I'm sure it's going to wear on guys if they're not winning. And given Florida's roster makeup, they weren't going to be winning. Trying to follow a system in order to win games gets a lot easier if the team can actually win more often than not. I also think there's the possibility that the Panthers' culture was pretty well established by the time DeBoer came on board, without making playoffs since 1999-2000...and asking players to buy into a specific system is tough if they don't really believe it can work. I'm inclined to believe (hope) it was more about the situation and less about the system

3) Players were afraid to make mistakes under his system.

Counterpoint: seems to go along with #s 1 & 2. Communication, expectations... plus I'm sure DeBoer became a bit more uncorked at practices (as the Devils saw with MacLean) when players made mistakes in games and those mistakes could jeopardize his own job security.

...just some observations and thoughts. Below are some of the articles I read, the most interesting ones, really.

Panthers fire DeBoer

*Idea that DeBoer couldn't be successful due to rosters

DeBoer ready to move on

*Players worn down, afraid to make mistakes, need new voice in locker room

DeBoer fired, part of Tallon's "blueprint"

*DeBoer set up to fail last season due to new GM

DeBoer: No Regrets

*DeBoer told when hired that Panthers will do whatever it takes to win; never happened

Good post

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I saw on the Dancer Auditions page on the site that they are not saying anything about bringing kneepads to the auditions like they said last year. What killjoys.

WHAT?!? That's crazy! :doh1: I'm not changing my sig either way :whistling:

I'm happy witht he coach signing, it does seem like Lou got a guy who might stay for years.

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