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Devils Name Peter DeBoer New Head Coach


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What's Pat Quinn up to nowadays?

I wasn't a huge hockey fan til the season before the lockout (great timing, I know), and I used to confuse Pat Quinn with Pat Burns, so when the Devils hired Burnsie I was mad til I saw him behind the bench and realized I didn't hate him.

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Cross Hitchcock off the list Per Thomas Reed of the columbus dispatch

"Former #CBJ coach Ken Hitchcock will not get New Jersey Devils job."

"Former #CBJ coach Ken Hitchcock was a serious candidate for the New Jersey job."


:lol: Chere I guess took offense to that and tweeted it'd been known for weeks Hitchcock was never a candidate.

It doesn't look to be a slam on Hitchcock, whom he calls capable, but a slam on the reporter saying Hitchcock was a serious candidate.

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Word from the team is that Taylor Swift is using the press conference room.. A new location is being sought out.. Just spoke to the head of the Devils Generals so this is legit

Still not sure if I will get credentials for this but hopefully the Devils can find a way to get credentials for their own press conference.. I realize they may have to go through some hoops and ladders to get their own people into their own press conference, but we'll see if Lou can work out a deal

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