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2011-2012 NY Football Giants Thread


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It's time someone got this thread started with the preseason beginning tomorrow. The G-Men face a lot of question marks this year with some important off-season losses including Smith, Boss, and Cofield. The fact that Smith went to the Eagles and Cofield to the Redskins makes those losses a little harder to swallow. Then there's the whole Osi situation. Not to mention 1st round draft pick Prince Amukamara broke his foot in practice last week. But, there still are some things that are looking up for the Giants, one of which is Amukamara who should be back by the bye week. IMO, they had a very good draft class, with players like Marvin Austin (who I think is going to be a beast at DT) and WR/return-man Jerrell Jernigan joining the squad. Also, I have a strange hunch (strange because I am usually extremely pessimistic with the Giants), that Eli is going to have a big bounce back year from last year.

And with Philthy being the "Heat of football" and that other team that plays in Giants/Maadowlands Stadium guarenteeing a Superbowl, this should make for a fun season (or an extremely frustrating one).


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I never want to underrate the preparation of a Tom Coughlin coached team. But I think too many pieces are missing from the puzzle on the O-side of the equation: the OL, TE, WR all need help. I think Manning will still be a turnover machine while trying to get used to his new receivers.

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My analysis of last night's game:

Jason Pierre-Paul is a beast. The rest of the team: not so much. Especially the special teams. Still, no one knows how to tackle, and no one knows how to block on returns. Not to mention Lawrence Tynes almost died last night. The only glimmer of hope: There's a chance Matt Dodge won't be punting for this team come week 1. The offense was very lackluster, and the defensive secondary got just straight-up beaten too many times for my liking.

Let's hope they sort out some of the issues for the next game.

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EVERY PLAYER ON THIS TEAM IS INJURED. Seriously, Thomas, Amukamara, Witherspoon, Austin, Sintim, Goff, Beckum, Umenyiora, Tuck, Nicks (although the last two played), and now Hixon and Manningham. It's getting ridiculous. I want to be mad at them for playing terrible, but you almost can't blame them for what they've had to go through.

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Eli Manning is one of the top ranked QB's this year.

Says who? I mean, not that I disagree, just wondering whether that's your opinion or stat-based, or whatever...

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Someone needs to tell Cruz you can't "give yourself up" before the ball gets there! Giants should have stolen that game.

LOL. Yea, that was a rough loss. Eli continued to play very well though. Defense has to stop the run.

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