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Interesting Description Of Lou


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I saw this in a faceoff.com article about Calgary's GM.

"Rookie GMs are no different than rookie defencemen. Neglecting to keep your head up can run you the risk of losing it.

Wily old Lou Lamoriello, for instance, can be in his way every bit the headhunter New Jersey captain Scott Stevens is. Only difference being, he'll deliver his hit over the phone, smiling benignly and wearing a fancy suit."

I like it, but one thing doesn't seem right. Has Lou EVER smiled?

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My favorite subject (besides the green jerseys :evil: ) - our G.M. - shrewd, cunning, always out for number one, and yet, what a great guy.

The first time I met Lou was in the beer line when the Devs played the Canes @ Greensboro - what a great guy, chatting with a little group of Devils fans...people staring like "I know that guy", but then looking at us and realizing I'd hipcheck somebody if they bothered L.L.

The second time was Banner Night (okay, I chanted "We Want Arnott" just like everybody else, but I was just making a point :evil: ) and again, he was gracious and posed for the pic that continues to be my avatar.

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