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couldn't you have waited till midnight? :rolleyes:

this was always my favorite holiday...

it was my great grandfather's least favorite...

'cause it was his birthday :P

:blink: Aren't you forgetting another birthday today? :huh:

Btw, funny DM!! :rofl:

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I have joined the fun!

Go Rangers!

WCDF, you sukc.


just for today.

Dammit West... And I look up to you!

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Well I'll do something Ranger-related but I don't feel like getting 'too' much into the spirit so here's my contribution:


Old times...the cheer in 119 years ago was similiar...instead of Potvin Sucks it was "Potvin yer a bum" a pause then a select few added "and yer ugly" We also had sweatshirts made up with the 1/2 half on the front and the latter on the back...the good ole red, white and green days:rofl:

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