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Replacing Doc in the Booth?


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Has there been an offical announcement on this or can we assume that Cangelosi will be handed the regins as lead man?


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Newark, NJ - The New Jersey Devils and Madison Square Garden Network are proud to announce that John Sterling will be joining calling play-by-play. "I've already been working on my catch-phrases for calling the Devils."

"Score! Matt Taro-didn't-mina-to-score but he just did..."

"Score! Zach they see me rollin', they hating, scoring dirty Paris-say..."

"Its at the point... Its a blast... Its wide..."


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"and Brodeur shuts the door!" Oh? They already use that one sometimes? Let me shoe-horn some more in to make it better...

He skates by, he dekes, he scor.... Nooooo.... Brodeur says oh no, let's shut the door.... It's a save from your Bro', Brodeur... his 18th save of the game by Marrrrrtan Broooooodeur...

What? The plays on the other side of the ice already? fvck it. I'm sticking to baseball where nothing happens.

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I wonder what Scott Stevens would be like doing play by play. I'm just making you all privy to my pondering/imagination, not offering any real suggestion.

I just wonder how he'd editorialize stuff. I'd bet he'd sound a little scary. Imagine a Stevens/Daneyko team... I can imagine Ken laughing at Scott getting irritated with stupid hockey - "Hey-I'm the color guy Scotty HAhahaha!" and then Scott getting all irritated with Ken for laughing and getting all snippy and that making Ken laugh harder but get all conciliatory like Chico even and try to calm Scott down. Then Scott getting all "I am calm I'm just pointing out...." "Yes, No and you're right" says Ken stifling snickers.

BUT then imagine if there was stupid defence -- they'd just turn into clucking hens sniping at poor defenders - it would be an all out tag team rant-fest!! then they might start patting each other n the backs reminiscing about how great they each were back in the day ... "Yeah there's a REASON those numbers are up there" "You said it buddy!" Even we all would be throwing up and the self-adoration/mutual admiration society rantings! :lol:

-- or maybe it wouldn't be at all that way :giggle: It's FUN to think about such things!!

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You need someone who just loves hockey and doesn't enjoy getting all riled up and angry -- someone who just plain DOESN'T get irked by hockey in any way. That way it's enjoyable for all and no one is there feeding your own grumpy fire, you know? You dont need to share inthat with the play by play guy. That was almost THE best thing about Doc. He LOVES hockey but stays calm and watching the game. Nothign pulls his focus because he's just into the meticulous game of hockey sans emotional distraction. AWESOMENESS. I love Doc so much... so glad he's still around if only part-time for the league.

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As a Yankees fan, I would be on suicide watch if I had to listen to Sterling year round.

Forget Schiavone, why not good ole' JR? Imagine how good he would be when a fight breaks out, especially since they play Stone Cold's music during?

I'm still holding out hope they manage to get Gary Throne in.


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Gary Thorne is all about bad-mispronunciations & fake hype. Please stay with the Orioles & Little League.

There's gotta be some good minor league announcers just chomping at the bit for this.

He is, and the game to an extent has passed him by, but who else is really out there?

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