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Replacing Doc in the Booth?


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I liked Christine Simpson when she interviewed players on Versus before last year, she seemed comfortable and efficient (didn't ask idiotic questions). However, filling in as studio host, she seemed awkward and uncomfortable. I guess with this news now leaking, there should be a press release sometime soon. If it's true, I'm happy for Steve and think he's more than capable. That said, I wonder if he was the cheapest find too?

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Steve's play by play skills are adequate; but his tone and voice pitch are both really irritating....really, really irritating. This sucks.


He can handle his own but man is his style annoying. When he says "wide of goal" or "toward goal" I want to throw up in my hands. Then there's the ever popular feces / self-mutilation reference every time someone scores. (Shat! Scar!)

Who knows. Maybe Steve will work on his style a bit now that he's the full-time guy. One can hope, no?

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I think people are over-reacting to this. I never watched a Devils game solely because of Doc and years ago he used to irritate me and eventually he just grew on me.

I'll give Steve a few years and I think he is a decent replacement. He does not resort to stupid catch-phrases and rhymes and I think he has decent chemistry with Chico.

The thing is, Steve and Chico have such awful chemistry. How many times would there be like a five second awkward pause during play?

totally disagree and do not remember any awkward pauses.

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steve as the pbp guy and according to TG deb placey is taking over the host stuff


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