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2011-12 Prospect Thread

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Bumping this thread because of an awesome tweet from Wedgewood and news on a former (well still technically a prospect) Daly.

Scott Wedgewood

"Walked into a bathroom today with a guy at a urinal and asked him "is this where all the dicks hangout?" And he literally pissed on himself"

:rofl: This dude rules!

Daly Transferring to D-3 St. Thomas

For the most part, everyone following the Wisconsin hockey program was shocked when freshman defenseman Patrick Daly announced in early March that he was leaving the Badgers. The 6'0, 180 pound rear guard came to Madison last fall off the heels of being selected in the 7th round of the NHL draft by the New Jersey Devils.

At the time, Daly told us that the move was academically driven. "I didn't see myself playing in the NHL, so I wanted to spend my time focusing on improving my GPA rather then my hockey abilities," Daly noted.

However a little less than two months later it looks like the young blue-liner from Victoria, Minnesota has had a bit of a change of heart. Daly told Bucky's 5th Quarter on Monday night that he's planing on transferring to the D-3 level at St. Thomas, a private University in St. Paul.

"Hockey is a great game and after thinking long and hard about whether or not I wanted to completely give it up, I decided that I still had the itch to play," Daly said.

Not a really a prospect anymore, but good for him to get into a more favorable situation academically and he still gets to play the game he loves. Best of luck to him.

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