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Favorite Non-Devil Player


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You knwo who I wanted to like but is just a huge disappointment to me is Brad Richards. Back in the day.

I like an almost cold practicality in the game but that also drives me away because it's too cold and practical. Then I like a vision -- but vision is very spotty so you can't rely on a guy to ALWAYS see the ice to perfection -- AND I like to see his excitement when he sees the ice and you know he's going to screw you royally (when he's on the other team) -- BUT you see that because he's broadcasting and that's just weak... if someone is looking then he's ruined everything he wants to do - he's been ITCHING to get on the ice for. AND he's also broadcasting your weakness if you can kind of tell what he's looking at.

It sucks because Scott Stevens was ghte perfect blend the highest majority of the time for what I love in hockey. I like Ovechkin a lot but -- nt even but... I'm looking forward to see how/if his sight and focus can pan out he has this amazing laser focus ... and he pans out nicely but he doesn't move on it just --- I'm ridiculous - what guy does that... besides Scott Stevens :giggle:

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RATS! I have a rotating list and I I had a new one at the close of last season... but I forgot who it is :rofl:

this style more me...patrick kane...moved to bobby ryan.....and ummm that's kinda where it left off but not really

will definitely say american hockey players is where i lean...if not its like oh he's from canada...vs nice he's american too!!

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