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GDT: New Jersey Devils @ New York Rangers 7pm


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I don't know how this works... Devils playing in their AHL building as the visiting team... but oh well.... there's a game tonight!

Well, each time we play the Rangers in our arena it's like playing as the away team, so... :lol:;)

Any stream for tonight?

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Marty will not be in net tonight due to a hamstring issue. However it isnt worried that it will effect the season.

"I'm fine," he said. "I just hurt my leg a little bit. [Monday] was only Day 3 of camp, so I didn't want to push it. If it would I have been a practice, I would have practiced. Because it was a game, I said I'd stay out because reacting I wasn't sure how my leg was going to feel. It was just a little stiff behind my leg. That's it."
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According to TG (Verified by DeBoer)

Devs' lineup vs NYR:

Forwards: Parise, Elias, Bernier, Kovalchuk, Josefson, Clarkson, Palmieri, Boulton, Janssen, Sykora, Veilleux, Mills

Devils defensemen tonight: Tallinder, Larsson, Volchenkov, Stralman, Fraser, Harrold. Goalies: Kinkaid, Frazee.

Zubrus left this mornings practice with what was called "Lower Body Stiffness"

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MSG is being renovated, so all of the Ranger pre-season "home" games have to be on the road. The Rangers probably contacted Times Union Center to hold a game there.

i said that above... but according to another poster, they are "home" at the Hartford arena... makes no sense why they are "home" at our AHL arena...

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