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Devils STH BBQ + Fan Fest


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I thought this year they really did an awesome job with the event.. You could tell that they actually put some thought and planning into it.. Both lounges and the entire concourse were open, which allowed for more room when in years passed everyone was crammed into one spot..

Lines for players and food were not long at all, so it was very enjoyable.. I also liked how they had stuff to do on the concourse, and the players were playing with the kids so it was pretty cool to see

All-in-all, it was run well and ended up being a great time.. Here are a few of the pics I took.. DeBoer was a great guy and made sure to talk to each fan and thank them.. Janssen was pretty cool and loved the attention.. And it was cool to see a bunch of the guys helping serve food in the Ice Lounge

















Tallinder-Urbom-Stralman (I think)


Larsson playing with Palmieri, Volchenkov, and some kids


Larsson again


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Had a really great time.

Clarkson and Janssen were the best to talk to IMO.

Kovalchuk handing out cookies to the kids saying "Where are all the children?" and "Don't be afraid of my cookies" were classic!

Oates says Larsson makes incredibly quick decisions for an 18 yr old which you rarely if ever see so young.

Clarkson says the whole team loves DeBoers style, as it is more aggressive.

Best thing was Team Sweden vs The Fans in street hockey.

Elias signed my jersey too

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yes great day . no complaints here. lots of fun today.

I went with my daughter and we both had a great time. DeBoer was great and thanked us for coming. He then asked us where we came from (Long Island) and how long it took us to get to the Rock. We got pictures with just abut everybody. The only problem was the batteries died on my daughter's camera so we did the last few with the cell phone but still not bad. She got a "cookie from Kovy" and I believe she put it in the freezer when we got home so we can eat it when the Devils win the Stanly Cup. Great day and lots of fun. Great job Devs. :clap:

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After being off from work and not going to the BBQ last year and being off this year for it, I had to go this time. I was fortunate to get a ticket off of ebay and this was a tremendous event. I got pictures with most of the players around except for Josefon, Larsson and Brodeur and a couple of the AHL Devils. But ecstatic that I got pictures with Zach, Kovy, Tenedby, Elias and others. I had a blast and now I cant wait for the season to start.

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I really need to become a STH at some point. This event looked like a ot of fun.

Were the players still not allowed to sign autographs?

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