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Keys to the Game:

Keep doing what they did in Game 1 except play defense around Brodeur. Yeah, we planned on drawing a line around the crease not allowing the Flyers to do what they want there but we allowed them to do so, which let in two goals (Gagne and Primeau's).

The powerplay: we need to be more hungry on the power play. We got 4 Game 1 but didn't move around much. We were very stagnant.

Kozlov (assuming he plays) and Fresien need to be more effective. Both were invisible.

Remember: Defense around the crease.

:clap::clap:GO DEVILS!

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We've lost 4 of our last 6 playoff games and the last 4 on the road. Somewhere in there we won a Stanley Cup.

Remember, the Devils rarely do things the easy way.... they put us through hell before giving us heaven. (-: Let's hope they start turning things around today..

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Lapointe being out for the rest of the series should help the Devils even more in the faceoff department since he was the only Flyer to consistently win for them in game one.

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