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How will the Devils fare this season?


Where do you think they'll finish?  

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  1. 1. where will the Devils finish this season?

    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
    • 4th
    • 5th
    • 6th
    • 7th
    • 8th
    • miss playoffs

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I like how they pick the Rangers to finish 11th. While I dispise that team, I still think they will make the playoffs this year barring a catastrophic injury to the Queen or Richards. I personally think that we will squeak into the playoffs as a 7 or 8, but nothing will surprise me with the parity in the NHL nowadays.

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The writer of an article is a complete idiot and doesn't know sh!t about hockey.

He put Tampa and Washington in the top 3. If he knew anything about hockey he would know this is not possible. Colin Stephenson should stick to writing about sh!tty baseball and lockout basketball and not put this out there to fill space.

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eh, I said 6th basically because we bombed so much last season and you hardly see a team bounce back that much in one season to end up from the basement to the top 3. Sure it can happen but I don't see it unless they have a completely gangbuster year. We will see as the season progresses. I suppose its more cautious optimism at the moment.

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Why is everyone picking the Penguins to win it all? cause NHL 2K12 predicted it or something? I've seen this prediction in a few places today...

puck daddy predictions

Because they looked great in the playoffs last year without Crosby and Malkin. If both them are back for them this year they'll be very dangerous.

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I have to say how bewildered I am seeing how many pundits are picking us last or out of the playoffs...there is zero chance of us coming in last. One bad half of a season and ppl think we aren't a playoff team. I think I'm the only person who believes we have a decent chance at home ice for the playoffs. If lemaire was still coach people would be calling for the cup LOL

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I'd be really surprised if we missed the playoffs again and it's really baffled me how many "experts" have predicted it happening. As the poster above me said, we had one bad half a season, it's not like we were the worst team in the league throughout the entire season. We may have been that bad for the first half, but we were the BEST team in the second half, so I can't imagine that we play that well in the second half of the season with a team that's not that different than the one we have now, with the exception of not having Zajac and Parise being in the lineup. Having Parise back should, even if he doesn't have the greatest year, at the very least, negate the loss of Zajac for the first half of the season.

I just don't see us being bad enough to miss the playoffs and I honestly think that if we can stay a healthy team, that we can make it in somewhere between 4-6th in the East. I don't think we can win the division, especially if Crosby plays any significant amount of time this season and Malkin can stay healthy, but I think we can battle with Philly and the Rags for the #2 spot in our division.

The Flyers, despite their radical moves are still a good team, Bryzgalov imo is a very good goalie and I think he really helps them in that regard, even though their offense will not be as consistent as it was in previous years since they're going with a pretty young group of guys, albeit a talented group they are.

The Rags have improved, as I think we've all noticed since they have started to become a hard working team instead of the buy a big name FA and hope for the best team and Brad Richards will really help Gaborik put up some big numbers if they can gel together, so the #2 spot in the Atlantic is going to be a very tough spot to win, but I think we have a good chance at it.

Bottom line, if we can get the #2 spot in the Atlantic, we come in 4th in the East, if not, we slot in either in 5th or 6th. I think it's very unlikely that we're battling to barely make it into the playoffs and I think barring a string of catastrophic injuries, it's near impossible that we miss for a second consecutive season.

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Finally some love and respect from people who actually matter and know the game - the players themselves!


"Anytime New Jersey doesn't make the playoffs I think it's a surprise," Lightning forward Steven Stamkos said. "You kind of expect them to be in the playoffs all the time. For the last decade anyway. There were some tough times for them last year but you see what thet did after the All-Star break and how good of a team they were, so if that's any indication as to how they're going to be this year, they're going to be just as tough as they've been for the last decade to play against."

I'll take Stamkos' opinion over Burnside's any day.

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well it's nice to hear the rest of the league has confidence in us, even if the writers don't...

love how he snuck in his picks for Yom Kippur eating at the game :giggle: , so he's an amateur food critic too now...

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