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Parise Jersey



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  1. 1. Add C to Parise Jersey?

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    • No
    • Who is Parise?

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Peluso, MacLean and Gomez were winners and Cup Champs as Devils. People have a way of honoring those types even after they are gone. They have a place within the team's history. That goes for Gomez, too.

In the case of Parise, if he leaves, i'm not sure people long term will remember his place in Devils history other then a talented, very popular player who left for more money, a better situation or the team could not or want to afford. Perhaps just another Brendan Shanahan without the franchise changing compensation.

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If the jersey has no letter on it, then add a "C" to it -- unless the jersey is year-specific. If the jersey already has an "A" on it, get another one with a "C." (Easy for me to say; it's not my money.)

I used to wear my Holik jersey with the "A" on it to Devils games, but not right away; I waited till he went to the Thrashers.

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I do not know how she got the A off, it was a shop.nhl customized replica however. I know she washed it a few times so it could have just come off. She did mention wanting an authentic now, ugh! I have to find a small one now, size 46? LOL. Even that woukd be big on her though

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