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GDT: Philadelphia Flyers @ New Jersey Devils 7pm

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Then your opinion on the matter means exactly DICK. No one is as consistently full of sh!t on this board as you, so I'll give you that at least.

Problem is the Devils can't afford a bad start, they just can't. Both because it'll kill off any good momentum the second half of the season gave us and because it makes it that much more likely Pari

I'm usually an optimist, but that was just bad and it makes me worried. I understand this is our first game and Philly played on Thursday, but we had nothing going on. We also had a hard time scoring

Move Clarkson down plz. Can't skate. Can't pass. Can't shoot.

His lack of skating kills him more then anything. It really does. He has no idea how to use his edges to glide in a stride and use his body. He's choppy and too straight, he can get knocked off the puck too easy.

This game leaves even more questions then they started with and that's not good for anyone.

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Steve really isnt a bad play by play man

I am watching to it here in in Philly. The announcing is pathetic. Every shot, pass, hit is "Incredible", "exceptional" and "outstanding".

If not for Brodeur this game would be out of hand. Good thing he has faced and stopped a 2 on none and a 1 on none since according to a dope who writes for the Post Marty struggles against 2-1s.

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