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2011-2012 Devils Referee Record Tracker

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we sucked today but as usual against the league's best, hottest and most market-able teams, we get highly questionable officiating. The penalty shot on a clear dive, and the 2 10-minute referee overreaction calls were uncalled for - pun intended

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Updated 4/7 as the Devils close-out the regular season.

Most likely Monday the NHL will announce the referees who have qualified for the post-season.

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The NHL released the list of referees who made the cut for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This is the list and the Devils record with the referees this season.

Paul Devorski (4-2) (Multiple SC Finals)

Eric Furlatt (2-2-1)

Marc Joannette (4-1) (1 SC Final)

Tom Kowal (3-1)

Steve Kozari (5-0)

Mike Leggo (2-0-1)

Chris Lee (3-1)

Wes McCauley (3-2-2)

Brad Meier (3-1)

Dan O'Halloran (3-3) (2011 SC Finals Game 7)

Dan O'Rourke (3-3) (2011 SC Finals)

Tim Peel (3-2)

Brian Pochmara (4-0-1)

Kevin Pollock (3-2)

Chris Rooney (0-1-1)

Kelly Sutherland (4-2-1) (2011 SC Finals)

Francious St-Laurent (3-1)

Stephen Walkom (2-4) (2011 SC Finals Game 7)

Ian Walsh (2-3)

Brad Watson (4-1)

Typically the NHL will pair 2 referees together for the first 6 games of the round then mix the highest performing referees for any Game 7's. These referee pairs also tend to travel around in regions (ex. Game 1 in Pittsburgh, Game 2 in New York, Game 3 in Washington, etc.) The NHL has also tended to send Eastern-based referees out west and vice versa for the first couple of games.

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Updated on the eve of Game 1 of the 2nd round for the Devils. Referees list for the 2nd round has been cut down. These are the referees that made the cut and the Devils record with them.

#27 Eric Furlatt (2-2-1) (1-0 @FLA Game 1)

#25 Marc Joannette (4-1) (1-0 FLA Game 6)

#40 Steve Kozari (5-0) (0-1 FLA Game 3)

#28 Chris Lee (3-1) (0-1 @FLA Game 5)

#4 Wes McCauley (3-2-2)(0-1 @FLA Game 5)

#13 Dan O'Halloran (3-3)

#9 Dan O'Rourke (3-3)(1-0 @FLA Game 7)

#33 Kevin Pollock (3-2)

#5 Chris Rooney (0-1-1)(1-1 @FLA Game 2; @FLA Game 7)

#11 Kelly Sutherland (4-2-1)

#24 Stephen Walkom (2-4)(1-0 FLA Game 4)

#23 Brad Watson (4-1)

Dropped from the playoffs were:

#29 Ian Walsh

#10 Paul Devorski

#32 Tom Kowal

#20 Tim Peel

#38 Francious St. Laurent

#3 Mike Leggo

#34 Brad Meier

#16 Brian Pochmara

Of the list I'm suprised that Devorski didn't make the 2nd round but his age is certainly catching-up with him. I'm suprised that Lee and Furlatt both made the cut. With the 3 Game 7's in the East its a slam-dunk that all of the officials that worked those games would rate into the 2nd round.

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Updated 5/1

Comin' home for Game 3!

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3rd Round Referees:

#4 Wes McCauley

#13 Dan O'Halloran

#9 Dan O'Rourke

#33 Kevin Pollock

#5 Chris Rooney

#11 Kelly Sutherland

#23 Brad Watson

#28 Chris Lee

Cuts are Walkom & Furlatt (who worked in the same pair during the 2nd round) Joannette and Kozari. Most suprising is Walkom who has worked the last 2 SC Finals including last year's Game 7 but has had a number of catastrophies on his watch (OTT-NYR Game 2, CHI-PHX Game 3). This is the first time that Lee, McCauley, Pollock, and Rooney have worked in the 3rd round.

Pollock & Watson are paired in Game 1 LA-PHX.

Games 1 & 2 will have either Lee, Sutherland, McCauley, and O'Halloran since the pair of Rooney and O'Rourke worked WSH-NYR Game 7.

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And with this ends the 2011-12 Devils Referee Tracker

Today's NHL Referee's news is that controvercial NHL referee Stephane Auger has decided to retire. Some are rolling their eyes at this announcement because Auger was scheduled to be reevaluated as per the NHL's officiating supervision for veteran referees. If a veteran referee fails to qualify to work the playoffs 2 consecutive years (injuries aside) they are subject to an automatic league review. You wonder if this retirement was really a pre-emptive strike by Auger to avoid being fired.

In terms of who moves up you have to look at the referees to worked the late rounds of the AHL playoffs as the candidates to become full-timers.

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