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miracle to come out on dvd and vhs

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I loved the movie but I don't think it's ownership worthy, I couldn't watch it again...

The idea was great, but it could've been a lot better if they included more background on how it was more than just an olympic game...

Then again you have to consider the fact that it was made by Disney, and meant to be entertaining for a "younger" crowd.

Kurt Russell played an excellent role... He was better than I thought he would be, but they had too much focus on his wife, an unnecessary side story that took away from the point and the time they could've spent on the background of the story rather than his sex life.

Overall I give it 3/4 stars for topic value, and Kurt Russell's good acting.

The hockey players were great as well, but if there ever is a revised version they should get better producers.

Just my thoughts on the movie...


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