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GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Nashville Predators


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  1. 1. The New Jersey Devils will...

    • Win in regulation.
    • Lose in regulation.
    • Win in OT.
    • Lose in OT.
    • Win in SO.
    • Lose in SO.

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F U Sam Rosen!!

@DevilsGeneralsDevils Army GeneralsThis is Jaime tweeting live from Bridgestone Arena! Let's Go Devils!! DevilsGenerals

i dont care what kind of depth we have this summer in net, but if Rinne is testing the market i want Lou to go HARD to get him

Even 'if' he hit him from the side, it's supposed to be okay that he hit him before he ever got to the puck and Suter went into the boards? **** Clarkson :rant:

yes it is supposed to be ok. these refs are calling it way too tight with these big penalties

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I love how Clarkson has become this years...horse.gif

Let's cut the sh!t, seriously. Rinne has been amazing and is probably the top goalie in the NHL. We're not putting it past him easily. Let's critique play when the game is over. I've seen plays by other players on the team that no one even blinks at....ugh enough.

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Three plus games in and I'm already sick of Kovy, sick of Clarkson and sick of Boulton. The latter two are a waste of life and Kovy's power play is about 3% since he became a Devil (yes I know I'm exaggerating and his Fenwick/Corsi is higher lol but I'm not exaggerating by much).

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Janssen is useless as well

How was he useless? He was attempting to change the momentum, fought a guy way out of his weightclass and managed to get some shots in and still stand by the end of it. At least he's got heart unlike Boulton, he should have been the one fighting McGrattan, heavyweight on heavyweight but I guess Boulton's retired from fighting like Peters. You just can't give these goons multi-year deals, it bites us in the *** every time.

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Preds fans do the same you suck chant as us eh?

And they also play "Hell's Bells"

Now i see why so many of you hate Clarckson, not even talking on the penalty, but the great chance moments before, he had a open goal an decide to fan on it. :argh:

But nevertheless " Lets Go Devils"

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