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GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Nashville Predators



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  1. 1. The New Jersey Devils will...

    • Win in regulation.
    • Lose in regulation.
    • Win in OT.
    • Lose in OT.
    • Win in SO.
    • Lose in SO.

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Lol too cute. A lot of you cute high school and college kids have trouble hearing the truth and you all get butthurt when you hear it. Go back to watching the game and keep making up excuses for our dead weight.

I'm almost at the end of my college career, I can't believe it :saddevil: But, I guess that means I'll enter the 'enlightened' era of being in the workforce I guess!

And I honestly have no trouble hearing truth, but I don't hear much of it from your debates. You get too heated and make it personal too quickly ... :whistling:


How many of these 27+ minute nights can Kovy take before he actually starts to wear down?

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If the devils do not score by the end of the period then pretty certain this game will be a loss.

Also the viewing party at Edison ale house sponsored by vic from sports express is a total bust.

If the Devils do not score before the end of the period, oddly enough there's still 20 minutes of hockey to play.

Also the view party at Edison Ale House was announced (from what I saw cause I would've went) 1.5 hours before game time.

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